Simple Solutions to Practical Problems


Spiritual awareness and Intuition can open the door to the most wonderfully practical solutions to everyday problems. Below you’ll find a little bit of information to solve a variety of things through both practical and spiritual means.

Three Remedies for Winter Respiratory Dryness or Infections:

– For the heaviness in your chest when fighting an infection I learned from our local intuitive Naturopath, Merri Walters to use Ferrum Phos. Homeopathic 6 X which oxygenates the system. You can use it as often as every 10 minutes until the heaviness lifts and then as often as needed. For people who don’t breathe deeply or often enough this can be a good general oxygenator, helping you feel more vibrant and awake. You can buy these at the health food store or on line. They taste good and are non-toxic for adults or children.

Since homeopathics are vibrational remedies, people who are intuitive and vibrationally sensitive could try taking them vibrationally instead of buying pills. Just breathe into your inner wisdom deep within your heart/belly and center there, let your mind relax, and from there breath into your body all the way to your toes. From that grounded focus ask to receive Ferrum Phos. Homeopathic 6X every 5 or 10 minutes retroactively over the past hour to oxygenate your system and relieve your symptoms. Then ask for it over the next 24 hrs,. every half hour or so to keep the oxygen levels up.

– For that sticky, thick, irritated feeling in sinuses or lungs MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), a bioavailable sulfur, thins mucous which speeds recovery and helps relieve symptoms of bronchial, lung and sinus infections and allergies. Powder works better than the pills because it absorbs quickly but the pills taste better. I take the maximum recommended dose three or four times a day until I feel relief and then twice a day to keep things moving. MSM is also excellent for joints and a lot of other things! It is very helpful for older pets.

– Humidity is essential for keeping sinuses and lungs happy. If your house and work are dry I recommend room humidifiers. This alone may solve your respiratory distress. If nowhere else, put one in your bedroom at night. When driving in the car, keep your coat on and the heat down and aimed at your feet to minimize drying out of your nose.


Computer/Internet Protection:

– Sensitive people may find that using the computer and particularly the internet can cause them to feel drained physically, mentally or spiritually. Try using a really good grounding stone like the ones used for hot rock therapy, available where they sell massage supplies. Or get them at landscaping stores much cheaper under the name Mexican River Rocks. They can also be found in sandy, wet areas like river beds and beaches (these stones look grey to black at first and turn smooth black from the oils in your hands). This bedrock always holds a good healing energy and doesn’t need clearing like most stones.

To tune this stone to protect you from negative energies from and through your computer: Breathe into your heart/belly and relax into that clear calm place of inner wisdom. Set the stone a foot or two away and point at it. From within your inner wisdom, invite St. Germain in unconditional love to anchor into the stone a field of protection for you and your computer. Ask that only unconditionally loving energy may come through your computer and that you be protected from the electro-magnetic energies that it puts out. (If you are someone who crashes your computer just by sitting down to work on it, ask him to protect your computer you’re your energy too – this happens when you are spiritually strong but ungrounded) Then keep the stone close to the computer or in your pocket whenever you are using it. Renew this intention periodically.


Reiki II & III Practitioners:

– Here is something your teacher may not have realized. Use the Se-He-Ki symbol for inflammations, swellings, toxic states, burns, bruises, infections, diseases or any energy which you don’t want to increase. This symbol clears toxicity physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, brings balance and healing and is always helpful. You can’t use too much of it. You can add it numerous times until you feel a sense of relief.

The use of Cho-Ku-Rei may increase toxicity if put directly into any of the above mentioned situations because it increases physical power and these are physical energies. In those situations you can use it in a general sense into the crown or root chakra to strengthen your client, but put Se-He-Ki before and after it to modify the energy of Cho-Ku-Rei so that it strengthens the client, not the disease.

– You can use the distance symbol to send healing back to a point prior to a problem beginning and invite the healing forward through time to the present and on into the future until fully resolved. This generally speeds healing by 50% or more.


To clear negative psychic energies and recharge your energy field:

– Psychically sensitive people can be affected by toxic psychic energies from the environment and other people. More grounded people may not be sensitive in this way.

Nux Vomica Homeopathic clears many toxic psychic energies and the reactions to them which may range from stomach ache or nausea to headache or allergies and sudden exhaustion to name a few.

– Carbo Veg. Homeopathic recharges your energy when you’ve been zapped psychically or when you have moderately overextended physically.

– To use either of these remedies follow the instructions for the vibrational use of Ferrum Phos Homeopathic above only instead of asking for a particular potency, ask to receive them in whatever potency you need and allow your inner wisdom to bring you help either physically, emotionally/mentally or spiritually. To use them in pill form try the X and C potencies from the store.


Learn more about homeopathic remedies on the internet or from a homeopathic practitioner or a naturopathic doctor. A book called The Materia Medica lists the types and their known uses. However, working intuitively I find that these wonderful natural medicines help with a lot more things than the book says.

Eve Wilson


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