Simply… Be Yourself


Love does not make you blind, but attachments to love outside of yourself can make you blind. You already have everything. You lack nothing. You cannot destroy what God created you to be. Stop trying to be perfect. You already are. As soon as you try, to be what you already ARE, you confirm an inner illusion of lack.

Your inner restlessness is because your mind is searching for something to do to feel your fullness. When you relax, isn’t your mind still at work on or your to do list? This quiet inner desperation is because your mind is trying to fill a hole that does not exist. You are full already.

Ambition and striving are a form of control by the mind. “As long as I have a goal, I know what the future holds.”

When will you know you have arrived? When do you get to feel successful, contented and at peace? Why not start from a place of abundance and and experience greater explorations of this completeness?

Waiting to know you are successful, whole, and accomplished until after the personal goal or inner growth is insanity. You can’t start with a perception of lack and realize wholeness Claim your wholeness and have greater realizations of this wholeness. This starts within. Trying to continually improve with the intent to ‘fix’ yourself, will keep you in a state of lack.

Life lived in Joy, is an experience, an engagement of that which already Is. A life lived in striving ambition to control the now, and future, is restless agitation, and quiet desperation.

Perceive lack within and you will experience lack in all areas of your life. ( Lack of time, money, love, etc…)

When you feel your innate beauty, and greatness you are energized, and healthier. You radiate abundance. Try to prove you are successful by the measurements of money you have or people you help and you will never feel like enough. Awaken to the Love that is already there, and you will naturally hear your inner voice, trust yourself, and stay in integrity with your heart.

All you need is within; waiting to be expressed.To open to the fullness of life you must let go of the illusion that you have to ‘make it’ happen. You do have to take action steps in life, but from what perception, motivation , or intent the actions are taken, determines whether you live a peaceful or restless existence.

Eventually you must stop needing to prove to yourself you can do it, or prove that you will be true to yourself. This ‘proving to yourself’ is a process of discovering who you are. It is part of the journey of life . At some point you realize you can do it. You stop needing to prove this to yourself or others. Once a person gives up the ambition, and chasing, they are free to feel successful and loved now, and yet still accomplish just as much or even more.

You have heard the statement, ‘give without expecting anything back’. Many people give and don’t expect anything physical back. But what people don’t realize is they are giving to validate they are ‘good person’ . Giving when you ‘want to’ verses you when ‘have to’ determines whether or not you will feel victimized and over whelmed by your own life. We only feel we ‘have to’ give when we feel we must prove our worthiness. Simply, know you are loved now, and your ‘giving and living’ will naturally flow in balanced abundance.

If how much you do, amount of money you make, reputation, or happiness of your children defines your emotional state, then you can be manipulated. If you believe you need to do anything to be loved, you can be manipulated.

Feeling your innate worthiness actually causes you to be more authentic, peaceful, balanced, and loving. As know you know your innate value…value that cannot be earned, or proved… you become even more compassionate. When you know all your needs are met and that all of Life supports you, you stop thinking of people as your ‘generators of love’. Instead, they become a reflections of the love inside.

The paradox is, people actually become more giving around you as you know your worthiness, because vibrationally you become less needy. They don’t feel you want anything from them, so they are more likely to give.

Even for a moment, stand in the vibration of, “I am loved as I am. All my needs are always met.” As you know your true Divine Identity you rest in the childlike mind, knowing that all of life loves and supports you. You stop staring at the empty well as a ‘validation’ of your inner lack. Meaning, you don’t demand one person, or one job to be your only source of support. Let go. Open to ALL the good that life is seeking to bring you, because it is.

Claim your wholeness now and you will see beyond the illusions of lack and scarcity. You can only see outside, what you see within. See the already present, Love, Beauty, and Abundance within, and life will reflect back your inner reality.

Let go of how or when. Just open and it will happen. It has to. In the meantime be patient, be kind to yourself, enjoy the journey, and have fun.

In Love,



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