Soul Orientation: Regaining Your Soul Essence


If you’ve ever struggled to feel connected and real, your purpose ever eluding you, lost in a sea of information, obtaining your soul orientation offers you the avenues of pure connection. Pure connection being one that is developed only through your soul essence structures which are the vehicles of connection, ultimately revealing your purpose.

To bring this concept home we are aware of structures which are in the brain, such as neurons, that send, receive and interpret information. These infinitely wondrous and complex structures allow intercellular communication. Just as the brain has structures and mechanisms of communication, so do we have energetic structures that allow us to communicate with the signals of the Universe. They are also infinitely beautiful and complex and beyond the scope of this article.

In today’s spiritual culture we are bombarded with practices and philosophical doctrines that present themselves as the way of connection. Developing soul orientation is the opposite – – one must first develop their soul essence structures in the body, which then provide the connections most of us seek.

This is like what occurs when a child is born; they must learn a verbal language and develop physically and mentally, in order to be connected to the world around them. If we put a baby in a room and said, “breathe and stare at the wall,” no connection would occur because the baby would not have developed enough to make the connections.

I have spent the last 20 years of my life developing and organizing my soul essence, in my body, which has enabled me to see past recorded human history to see and know the mechanisms for humans to obtain soul orientation.

The development of our soul essence inside our human form is infinitely complex, as is the developing child, yet begins with a few basic principles; the first one being the container within which the soul essence will have what it needs to form. As with all things that come into being, there must be a container. For example, gravity is the container of a solar system and the womb is the container of the developing embryo.

We must have the appropriate container in order for each of our soul essences to be safe to form in the body. The first thing needed is a container in our human form, one that keeps and holds through the Embodied Practice in Soul Orientation: The Dance of Reflective Relationship. When we have this, our body develops a contained environment in which our soul essence begins to form structures inside our physical form.

This could be illustrated by two cups representing our bodies, one with holes in it, one without holes in it. We need to first learn how to be a cup without holes in it, because if we are the cup with holes in it, nothing will form or develop. Just as if enough matter were not present after the sun of our solar system formed, the planets would not have formed in the container of the gravity of our sun.

Only when one has learned and developed the cup without holes, is it safe for one’s soul essence to begin to form in the body. Our forming of soul essence structures in the body is the mechanism of connection within space and time.

The Embodied Healing Embodied Practices in my book, Soul Orientation: The Dance of Reflective Relationship, give you your container. Become the cup without the holes, safe for your soul essence to form.

Kiera D. Laike, IRW
brings the theory and practice of Sensology, described here and in her book, Soul Orientation. Kiera founded the Sensology Institute and Teacher Certification Programs it offers. She and the Sensology Institute staff offer Embodied classes and Sensology sessions on-line and in person. or


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