Thank you God!


On the air at Body Mind Spirit Radio Annette Abin of In Touch Interviews and I were talking about Transitioning Into the New World and she shared something that worked so simply for her at a time of crisis. She couldn’t think clearly enough to do more than say “thank you God” over and over and after about 5 minutes the problem resolved. The key is that she staid present and acknowledged God in her situation. That’s all it takes! That is what we are here for and how ascension happens. We are God in physical bodies and when we acknowledge the presence of God the old world releases us and we step a little bit more into the new world and our new world bodies. Thank you Annette!

Visit and click on In Touch Interviews with Annette Abin, click the link to shows past and you’ll see Transitioning Into the New World. You can join us there for some deeper reflections on the ascension process. Or just click the link at the end of this article to go there now!

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