Thanks for me, God


You do not need to look around you to find miracles; just take a good look at yourself! You are peering out of the eyes of miraculous you right now. You are a perfect part of God and, having created you, God would be incomplete without you.

Einstein said that you can live life as if nothing is a miracle or as though everything is a miracle. It starts with you. When you get a glimpse of who you are, you will want another and another look at your beautiful Self.

The more you look at yourself from this higher perspective, the more you will love yourself. You will start to make choices that are higher and better for yourself—choices which will automatically be best for everyone else because they are made from a position of love.

Bless and cherish yourself. Believe in yourself. Affirm yourself. It is not selfish to love yourself in this way. You are not putting yourself above others. Rather, because you are learning to see yourself as a miraculous, wondrous spirit, you will be able to see all other people the same way.

You are the microcosm of the macrocosm. You are part of everything and everything is part of you. Everything you think, feel, or do influences everyone and everything else. Because we are all one, seeing yourself from a higher perspective lifts up everyone else.

For eons of time people have been told they are sinful, insufficient creatures. They have been told that they need to do certain things such as confess their faults to an intermediary, attend such and such church to be saved, go through various baptisms, cleansings, confessions, or sacrifices in order to be worthy of salvation.

There is no need for all this. All you have to do is to realize you are already a perfect being on your path home. God does not judge you or condemn you. You are not expected to follow certain practices in order to get to heaven. Just live your life the best you can. That is enough. God loves you and you will live with God eternally.

Thanks for me, God, is a beautiful prayer to God from miraculous, amazing you.

Shala Kilmer


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