The Family of Humanity


At this time of the Holidays, we feel a certain magic in the air. It is a time of family and love. For many of us, it feels as if our hearts are more open to generosity and compassion.

Many of us love to spend time with our families at this time. However, I believe it is when we learn the lessons of the heart, we then come to the realization that we are but one family on this Earth – humanity. Within this one family are thousands and millions of smaller family units throughout the world. Outwardly each family unit looks different, but inwardly they are similar, with similar hopes, desires, and needs. Each individual family is a different expression of this one great human family.

Most of us want what is best for our family. Most of us feel a selfless love for our family and may even sacrifice our own needs for the well-being of our family. Our lesson, as we pass through countless lifetimes separated by differences of color, creed, and religion, is to learn that same love for our larger family – humanity.

When we are able to do this, compassion is borne in our hearts. We suddenly find ourselves anxious for the plight of a stranger. A hungry child across the world moves us to tears. Gradually, slowly, but inevitably we realize we share the same rain, the same air, the same oceans, and the same pain.

When the first astronauts left Earth and were able to look back through the emptiness and fullness of Space at this beautiful planet of ours, they had similar realizations that we are one human family sharing our lives together on the beautiful planet Earth. American Astronaut, Donald Williams, realized: “The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those that divide us.”

To find our own lasting peace and joy, we must in some way create peace and joy for all. The time is urgent and we must not rest until this is done. Let us now strive for a philosophy of Oneness, above all dogma. We are all connected to each other; we share the same rivers, oceans, and air. Above all, we share in the universal language of love. It is only when we realize these things and feel them in our hearts, that the long-dreamed-of brotherhood of man can come to pass upon our world.

Just as we are learning, sometimes slowly, so too are our friends, families, and strangers. Let us strive to be tolerant, understanding and strong in our own spiritual resolve. Let us be grateful for all the blessings in our own lives; let us pray constantly and passionately for those who are suffering throughout our world.

You may wish to use the following prayer to help, protect and strengthen your children and the children of the world – our future:

Prayer for Your Children

May the power of God’s Infinite Love
Surround and enfold our children
To keep them warm in winter
And safe in the depth of night.

May we resolve to help our children
And all the children of the world
To grow as strong and true citizens
Imbued with wisdom, love and light.

May they be nourished with plenty
Food, water and spiritual light
Sustained with good and justice
Foundations for the family of man.

Extract from Deeper Into Love, Chrissie Blaze. Mill City Press, 2010.

Chrissie Blaze


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