The Greatest Gift


By Wendy Powers Nugent    

This time of year brings thoughts of gifts and family feasts. You should also be aware that God gave you a gift; I know what you are thinking, of course, baby Jesus, right? Well, yes, but he was just the massager born to Earth with a mission of bringing to all of us the knowledge of the gifts that God wanted us to have. Being born into a human vessel, this pure and high soul was necessary to remind us who we really are. The perfect divine children of God. Now, what does that mean, you may ask. It means we have all the knowledge and power that Jesus came into this world with, and he tried to demonstrate to us these gifts we called miracles while trying to teach us that we have the power to do all that he demonstrated to the people while he lived on Earth.

Example; When Jesus healed the blind man while on his grave walk dragging over his shoulder the impossibly heavy burden of the cross in which he would be slain, the blind man reached out to touch him, knowing that if he just touched the Christ that he would be healed. As he reached out and touched the tattered and bloody shroud of Jesus, his eyes became clear, and his blindness was gone; he was healed! Was this the miracle that the man hoped for? Well, yes and no. Yes, his belief was that he would be healed by touching Jesus’ even his shroud; however, he did not know that it was up to his faith that the healing existed and would last. Jesus knew that the blind man was too reliant on believing that Jesus was the only healing power for his vision to be restored. He told him he would be challenged by others, that they would say it was a fluke or that Jesus was a fake messiah, and this short-lived healing would soon wear off, his doubt would creep in, and he would be blind again. So, Jesus told the formally blind man to go into the mountains for ninety days, telling no one where he was going or that he had his sight, and while in the mountains, he should pray and meditate in gratitude for the healing. Why did Jesus ask this of him? Because he knew that the blind man did not realize that he healed himself, he only believed Jesus could heal him. When the formally blind man thanked Jesus for his healing, Jesus responded, I did not heal you, “You healed yourself through the belief that you could be healed.”

This is the miracle gift that I spoke of, that Jesus came to tell us, we not only can heal ourselves, but we have an intuitive sense that is directly connected to God and the highest of spiritual beings like Jesus. Much like using “Google,” we can ask anything of the Universal Mind of God, receive answers, and even manifest things needed to help us through this life on Earth. I have experienced many miracles that personally I have had in my life by simply connecting to God (The Universal Mind) and asking for guidance. But be aware that not always what we ask for will be given or answered prayers be understood; sometimes, we have to experience difficult lessons while in the Earth experience, to grow and evolve our souls. So, in other words, it may not be what you asked for, but the answer is what was needed.  

You are made in the image and likeness of God, our creator. This is the energy in which we call “the Aura” the human body is the vessel or temple that carries your soul through your experience on Earth; it is your Aura that is in the likeness of God, as he is not human but of energy.  

Enjoy your Holiday season, and thank God for sending his highest pure soul to Earth, his gift to us, baby Jesus. As this gift has been studied, feared, loved, worshiped, and even denied, just simply know that he was sent to this Earth to teach us how to reconnect to our higher self and allow the energy and power of knowing to flow through us, and trust in our connection with the universal mind of God.  

 Merry Christmas and a happy new year 

Wendy Powers is a Clairvoyant, Minister, Writer, and Certified Counselor. She has been a professional psychic for more than 45 years with Proven Accuracy! Readings by appointment only. For more information on readings, visit her website: To make an appointment, please TEXT her at 248-826-8255, text your name, and say that you would like a session with Wendy. Phone calls will not be answered-only texts. 


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