Take Time for Yourself!


“You cannot nurture others from an empty well.”

With the holidays roaring toward us like an out-of-control freight train, it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed thinking about all we want to do for others.

Meanwhile, we tuck our own stresses into a box marked, “Do Not Open Until After the Holidays”. Too many people put off taking care of themselves until after their hefty to-do list has every box checked off. But oddly enough, for everything we check off, three other responsibilities pop up, and we “don’t have time” to do nice things for ourselves.

Sound familiar? That’s because we all do it. But that self-sacrificing attitude is hurting you and those you’re sacrificing for. Your loved ones want you to be relaxed, happy, and present during family gatherings and other opportunities for quality time.

Instead of waiting for the New Year, resolve to go to yoga classes or get a pampering massage NOW!

Meditate. Paint a picture. Indulge yourself with a class that interests you. Take a relaxing bath by candlelight or watch a movie wrapped in a comforting afghan. Enjoy a hot cup of aromatic tea. Breathe. What are you waiting for?

Take what you can. Because you deserve the love you give to others—and what you give yourself becomes available for you to send back into the world.

~Rachael Wilcher & Carole Navarre
Boston Tea Room | 121 Elm Street, Wyandotte, MI 48192 | Phone: 734.281.2244


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