By Alethea Monk Howard

What does trusting someone completely feel like? Just as we feel when we are giving and receiving love, trust is also a feeling. You cannot touch it; it’s a deep knowing inside the soul. How do we get to this core of being? Where do we start? Within ourselves, trusting the Self and believing in the universe’s goodness. Who do we trust? In Almighty Spirit alone, I trust. It guides; I abide.

When we trust Self, we gain a faithful character; it gives us an insight of what to look for in others. Whether we get what we need is a mystery. Don’t give up; trust that what is given, you shall get in return. Sometimes, we don’t get sincerity from others; it can be a struggle and hurtful at times. Keep seeking the Divine. Move forward in trust love, and staying filled with the strength and life of the Divine.

Silence and stillness open us up to hear the voice within that guides and shows us the way to be and do in all circumstances if only we listen. Just repeating, “In God alone I trust,” which I read in a Saintly book that has stayed within me to this very day. It gives me blissful peace and contented joy. It’s like flying on the wings of the Divine Spirit.

                     God and I

God and I we walk hand in hand.

He speaks to me in the way that I can understand.

He knows my every need and blesses me indeed.

As I walk this land, I fear no evil,

For God is where I stand.

God is my health, my life,

He heals me with his guiding light.

He’s with me all the time,

I have a certainty in life that all is good.

I go with God, and in Him,

I will find all that is great and divine.

By attunement of faith, hope, love, and trust, we can have flowing human relationships with those of like-minded spirits. Those who are searching for what is good and of righteousness, not to be “right,” per se, but of true righteousness to the best of our ability. Trust in the Divine; let’s be the best we can be at all times.

Trust, ask Spirit to show you who and what you can trust, be patient, and surrender to the Guidance. When we go through life in a state of calmness, we can see with more clarity and realness of what is going on, what is happening, and what we are allowing in our lives, changing the unwanted circumstances in our lives to true understanding. Trusting in the Divine will bring us closer to our connection and oneness with ourselves and others.

In the dictionary, one of the meanings of trust is, (belief in and reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing.) This is an ongoing work in process for all of us. Let’s make this our focus to be the very best for ourselves, our children, and our world and to lighten our burdens. Trusting in the Almighty Spirit to bring forward all which is Divine to this present space and time, leave the past behind. Whoopie!!

Beyond the Past

Stepping out into space, trusting in the Divine.

Motionlessly flowing through eternity,

Leaving the stunting past behind,

Awakening to the presence of time.

Seeing clearly through thine eyes,

Life in its greatest glory.

Knowing we do not walk alone,

Within this Earth, we call home.

Beyond all this, we can see the past,

That brought us to this very day,

As we go on into time and space.

Moving slowly, yet fast, while life

Moves us beyond the past.

Alethea Monk Howard


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