We are Made of This Planet


The truth is, we are made of this planet. As we slowly change her, so must we change. Her memories of who she used to be are forgotten, as the air she uses is thick with our pollutants. Has it dawned on anyone that as we kill our planet, we change ourselves. We place poisons in our water. The water on this earth equals 83% of her mass. The human being is 83% water…notice the similarity? As we strip the oils from the earth, the humans lose their ability to be fluid on things and smoothness in our life starts to fade away.

Because the planet stresses, so do we. We now sell more antidepressants than ever, to get over what we have done to ourselves (the planet). We are made of her, from her. What we do to her, we do to ourselves in exact proportion. And wait there’s more! As the planet reaches out for help, most of us don’t care, yet how many of you are dealing with numb hands or carpal tunnel. As she reaches out, our hands help or don’t. Notice the relationship between us and the planet. How about the cramps you are having in your body? Do you know why a cramp happens? Acid builds up in your body making it cramp and hurt. We pump toxic acids into her 24/7. Does this relate to us? Is this why we hurt? If she can’t assimilate the acids, what makes us think we can get rid of our toxins.

We all worry about money. We are not freely making tons of money any more, even the rich are screaming. What money? There is nothing left to take. We have fleeced our loving Mother Earth with no thought or concern about her future. We live in a world of duality. We take what we want, not realizing that eventually she will take it all back. That is duality. We took food, she’ll take it back. But what if she takes back her oxygen. What then?

Our planet weeps (glacier melting) as she calls out for help. Our emotions scream for help, yet we can’t see the problems in our mother the planet. Know why weight is an issue to us? We are dumping more waste onto her and not eliminating them properly. Just the litter alone we throw out the window that doesn’t matter to us, slowly puts weight onto her yet we don’t notice that what we do individually has an effect globally.

We must stop hurting our planet and ourselves. All she has done for us is give us life and the opportunity for happiness. Why don’t we see what we are doing to her? When are we going to change?

As of now, all is not lost. We have a direct correlation between the planet and ourselves. In some places there is peace on earth, some places have loveliness beyond compare. We must find these places in ourselves and develop them if we wish to prevail and bring the planet (and ourselves) back to health. Work on yourself. Change those things you have always wanted to change. Make the alteration for all of us. You are the one who counts. Help everything by learning about yourself. Take time to see how you and your world work, then feel good at who you have discovered.

The human population has reached its sickest level in our history and the planet is in its worst shape ever. To save ourselves, we must first save our planet. If each of us just do one thing to help her, she will feel the love we have and she will send it back to us. We will then be able to see love and caring in the people on earth. Mankind will reach out in peace and harmony and put this planet back on course as the true ‘Pearl of the Universe’.

Dennis A. Adams is a master healer and spiritual teacher. He conducts healing Seminars and offers private healing sessions in Michigan and around the world. For more information visit www.dennisadamsseminars.com

In Michigan, call Rex at 517-449- 1177 or Mitzi at 517-243-0165.


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