We Are the Ones!


By Linda La Croix 

  Michigan State University…another mass shooting. Let us not ignore another at a mall and another… 

  We listen and watch, but ultimately, there is nothing individually we can do. I was far away, and you probably were too. Still, I watched, praying for a quick response and a quick solution to an awful tragedy. 

   Prayers may seem hardly enough, yet it’s the best we have in moments of despair to share. A week later and I still find myself praying for balance and good mental health for all those touched by it.

  It’s important to remember that while we couldn’t be there, we can still contribute through our thoughts and prayers. However, when we do this, it’s important that we do not include thoughts of lack. Do your best not to think there is an unanswered need before the people can be well or a solution to this type of happening is no more.

  In our minds, we must affirm that God has already provided everything we need to do all that needs to be done. The solution is already in us. We simply have to pray for its creation to come into existence. (Don’t tell God what it is; God knows. Just visualize the perfect outcome has happened and let yourself feel how it makes you feel inside.) 

  When we pray, we pray for the best and highest outcomes for all. We pray for answers that will solve the issues before us. Don’t focus your thoughts on the idea that we have the perfect answer. God has the answer; we are just praying it in. 

  We pray for what we want to see after the corrections are made. Like the feeling of freedom, the relaxation from watching where we would run or how fast we could barricade a door. In our prayers, we visualize our society relaxed from this type of concern and see them enjoying their life, feeling free. 

  As your thoughts move to the injured students, pray for their healing. Let no negative thoughts of doom or gloom stay in your thinking process. Do not entertain the idea that there will be long-term recoveries. Instead, visualize the best care being given to each of them and miraculous responses to their treatments. Visualize yourself happy to hear they have all been released from hospital care and are getting back to the activities they enjoy. 

  Positive thoughts like these send a higher frequency out into the world. We are energy, and when the positive vibration is sent out, it lifts those being prayed for into that higher vibration. 

  For all the students who were safely locked in their rooms or running to seek safety, hold a vision in your mind’s eye that they are easily made comfortable. See them feeling secure to re-enter MSU’s campus. See the surrounding communities and our entire state feeling safe as well.  

  This is a pretty big task! But we can do it! It’s not just a one-day prayer request. This is a request that you continue to listen to your words and thoughts daily. Check yourself to be sure your thoughts are positive. Do they feel good to you? Will they raise up someone’s vibration? 

  Cross out all thoughts or words that will not lift people to a better reality. You want to be sure all your thoughts are uplifting as they will support your mental health and peace of mind too. 

FYI-prayer is never one-sided. It always supports both the giver and the receiver.

  This may seem like a big job and maybe one you don’t want to commit your time to, but if we want change, we must be that change. Agreed? Can we all open our minds to prayer thoughts that help our neighbors live better lives? Can we visualize those who would create a mass shooting seeking help instead of taking this type of action? If we want it, we have to visualize it. 

  Sure, I’ve heard it said that thoughts and prayers are not enough. Agreed! But, the positive action has to begin, and it is created by a thought, which doesn’t get its wings until someone or a whole bunch of people agree to move their consciousness to a positive understanding using thoughts and prayers. 

  Please note – I am not asking for someone to come and do this for us. I am not asking to be saved from this world. God has sent us! We are the ones to make a difference! Breathe that in – right here, right now, in this time, and for this special moment, we are the ones to be God in action. We ARE what the world needs. We are here at this time to create balance. We are the ones!

Blessings of positive vibrations in your daily thoughts and prayers,

Linda La Croix


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