When You Can’t Change Something, Trust


Every circumstance is essential in some way, though it can often be hard to recognize why that is the case. Being a person of strong opinions, it hasn’t always been easy for me to accept things as they are. I am blessed to have developed a higher perspective through my work healing people and the planet, which helps me to respond with greater wisdom.

One lesson comes to mind that taught me caution in expressing my agendas! In a much earlier election year, I was strongly against the candidate who won and those he appointed to judicial offices. I impulsively used my spiritual gifts to resist one of those appointments and it worked. But to my dismay, the person who then received the appointment seemed even worse than the original! After much meditation, I came to accept that what we had was what we needed and that to resist the inevitable only intensifies it.

Since then I have only pushed with my spiritual-will a couple of times, but each time I have found that it intensified a trend which was necessary for us to undergo. I learned to meditate deeply before acting. Setting aside my strong opinions, I then ask the Higher Power if there is something I might contribute helpfully to a particular circumstance, and what that might be. In this way, I am often able to assist things to unfold more easily for individuals and for our world, without intensifying a necessary trend. I don’t know what will happen with the current election cycle, but I know that I need to stay in acceptance whoever wins.

It is humbling to acknowledge that what might appear to my human mind and heart is good, isn’t necessarily what is needed. When I look with my healer’s eyes and heart I often observe how a negative situation is a necessary transition to a greater good. This reminds me that each person, creature and even the planet are eternal, safe and unbreakable. What I mean by this is that all physical things are transitional and temporary; and surrendering to what is so that things can change to what needs to become while hard for our incarnate selves, is easy for our eternal selves. During such a shift there is always a period of destruction, and from within our short lives, it can be very hard to accept the loss of things we value. But centering on our true eternal selves, we can embrace change with the understanding that something better will follow.

I am blessed to journey with my healer’s awareness from the dawn of time through the present and into the future; though the future is not yet fully established. This provides me with a deeper understanding of who we are eternally and what we are seeking to accomplish through our crazy, awesome, terrifying, beautiful and fascinating lives on planet earth. When I work with someone I can find them at the very beginning of their series of incarnations and gain an understanding of the grand purposes at work within their many lifetimes. That makes their current experience much easier to understand. It allows me to help them make use of their experiences for greater fulfillment, wholeness, and pleasure in life. Acceptance that the roles and circumstances we have been born to experience are needful, both for personal growth and for our world’s growth, can make it easier to embrace and love ourselves and our lives. Even when we don’t know what those greater purposes are if we will honor and trust that they exist we can find within ourselves the power to succeed and are in better position to receive help when we need it.

When we find ourselves in a happy phase of life, we want that to last forever, but it is going to change because change is the one constant. When we find ourselves in an unhappy phase of life, we fear that it will last forever, but it will also change. Embracing change allows us to ride the waves of inevitability and make greatest use of the gifts they bring to us. Part of embracing change is to be compassionate with ourselves and others as we undergo it; stress can make us intolerant. Trust helps us to be more patient and kind.

Personally, the things which I have most resisted ended up bringing me the greatest gifts. In fact, when I resist something strongly I have learned that I probably need to welcome it. I say to you with confidence that great gifts are coming to all on planet earth, but a great deal of change must happen. Accept, love, trust, believe in the greater good and let’s ride this wave of change together. We can do this!


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