Wisdom of the Beaver


By Cheryl Lynn Carter

In Native culture, the 7 Grandfather Teachings, principles of character one should live by, are handed down from generation to generation. One of these teachings is about Wisdom which the Beaver or Amik represents.

The beaver instinctively knows that the clan depends solely on the gifts that Creator has bestowed upon each member and, most importantly, how these gifts are used. He teaches wisdom by utilizing his gift wisely for not only his survival but for the good of the environment and in ways that benefit his family.

His wisdom affords him the opportunity and knowledge to use his sharp teeth to gnaw down trees and flawlessly construct dams and lodges in such a manner to as fulfill his needs as well as respect nature. Were it not for him using these teeth, they would continue to grow, and he would not be able to sustain a good life.

The way of the beaver reminds us that we all have gifts unique to us and have a purpose in life. Through the love of acknowledging these gifts we will find Wisdom. Much like the beaver, it would behoove us to use our inherent gift of Wisdom, for the soul truly knows its significance and will falter if we are not fulfilling its purpose.

Wisdom is the ability to make precise decisions based on our personal knowledge and also experience. That is obtained by continuously observing the life of everything around us, recognizing the differences in oneself and others, and respecting those differences in a kind manner. It’s a means of self-reflecting and knowing your limitations with respect to your body, soul, and the life around you.

Wisdom nurtures our ability to listen with a clear and sound mind in order to receive knowledge. It instills in us a newfound awareness and understanding of the gifts of others and how we might collaborate.
Everyone should welcome beaver Wisdom into their hearts. By using our gifts, we can make this a better world.

Cheryl Lynn Carter is a Psychic Medium, Remote-Viewer, and member of Project Psi, a team of psychic and forensic remote viewers responsible for rescuing missing children. She is an international author of seven books and a freelance journalist.


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