Witches Tea Flint – tea-party for charity


Witches Tea Flint – tea-party for charity

Flint, Michigan: Witches Tea Flint is a pagan organization that holds tea-parties for local charities in Flint, Michigan. To date we have donated just over $2000 to charities like: YWCA of Greater Flint, Wellness Services, The Ellen Bommarito Book Fund, The Vanessa Goldman Scholarship, The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, Humane Society of Genesee County, VFW Post 822, and the Flint Public Library through our Tea Parties, Metaphysical Fairs, and Tarot Bingo. At our Tea parties, we offer food, entertainment, tea (of course), games, sweet treats, and fun raffles. We also have a carefully selected offering of psychic readers who are available during the event. Our events typically generate anywhere from $150 – $800 depending on the tea party and how many seats we fill. Our venue at Good Beans Café’s Anteroom is on the small side but that provides more intimate interaction with our guests.

We’ve recently launched a Pagan/Witchy Discussion group once a month at Totem Books in Flint which is free to the community. Other upcoming events include Tea and Tarot Bingo, Love of the Mother Fair, Magically Good Fair, Midsummer Fairy Fair and our big event in October: Witches Tea. We are currently working the logistics of a Monster Crawl in October, as well as a fair and our tea. We will be supporting organizations like Motherly Intercession, The YWCA of Greater Flint and more. We look forward to our continued philanthropic ventures and continued support from our community.

About Witches Tea Flint:
The Mission of Witches Tea Flint is to raise awareness for our Pagan Community and raise funds for local charities while having a magically good time. There is magic in us all. Want to learn more about our events and about us? Feel free to contact our Facebook page, message us, or call. For more information contact Davonna Wallace, at (810) 516-5288 or email her at witchesteaflint@gmail.com


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