XIX, The Sun


As you may recall, last month I picked a card out of the Tarot Deck. It was the Night in Shining Armor, which I hope you enjoyed reading about. This month’s pick is “XIX the Sun” and this is my logo. It also has to do with Michigan Psychic Fair. It is number 19 in the deck.

Numerology says that Number One is a very powerful number in the universe because you’re special if you’re number one. You’re always first and it’s also a positive number in Astrology. The modality number one starts a New Beginning.

This card is very beautiful and the meaning is satisfaction, accomplishments, commitments, success, favorable relationships, love, joy, devotion, unselfishness, sentimental, engagement, happy marriage, pleasure in daily existence, good friends, high spirit, warmth, sincerity, and pleasure in simple things in life that you enjoy. There’s an upside-down meaning to all the cards, the Yin and Yang, and the reverse meaning to the card is unhappiness, canceled plans, loneliness, possibly a broken engagement or marriage, things not turning out the way you want them, a loss or clouded future.

But as always, there’s more to the story. Here at Michigan Psychic Fair, we are here to help you when this beautiful card comes into your life; in your relationships, in your career, in your happiness. We are here for you because there’s more to your story.

As always, love and light, Pauline


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