You are NOT your ego or your personality!


By Miche Lame’

We are, ultimately, made of love and light. Only our egos keep us stuck and in the dark, feeding the dark and letting it grow stronger, taking more control over our lives. We have the ability to take control back and stop feeding the ego. The first step is acknowledging that limited, childish ego that no longer serves us. And this is easier to do when we also acknowledge gratitude for that ego that had helped us survive our youth. Also, knowing the negative ego is inherited in our D.N.A., as shown by science, can be helpful as this makes the identification of the ego objective rather than personal.

Our ego is, in essence, our personality, which we have developed through genetics and environment to keep us apparently safe in this physical world.

Since our ego is in our very D.N.A., inherited and fed by our experiences as children, it takes energy and effort along with an open and accepting mind to identify this ego that we have accidentally identified with our very self. We have forgotten who we are. This ego is just a role we have at one point chosen to play as it makes us feel safe at the time, and if it works once, we use it over and over till we think it’s the real us. We forget the unlimited love and light, the greatness, the divinity we are. We make ourselves small and safe by becoming this limited ego. The ego is just our personality and is temporary. Our egos and personality are not our spirit, our true selves. Our spirit is eternal and is of love and light, nothing else. No negativity is within that love and light.

What is this ego that we are talking about? It is composed of any negative, limiting beliefs we have adopted and act on. Even the belief that we have to be perfect to ascend or go to heaven can be limiting us in our greatness of love and light from the heart, Source. Look within and see how that could be.

So if we are love and light, how can we get back to the greatness we already are? We must lovingly start delving into the layer of mud covering our divine self. I see our spirits like a diamond that we have covered with a layer of mud so we can fit in or have the illusion of being strong and powerful – both are applicable to seemingly survive the jungle of our physical world, which is based on our perception through the eyes of our ego.

What if we allowed ourselves to feel vulnerable and experience seeing the world through the eyes of love and light? Feel love for our Self? Have compassion for those who have lost their way off the path of love and light? Including patience and compassion for ourselves when we find ourselves off that path.

Having total love and acceptance begins with ourselves. If we are unable to love and accept ourselves, we are unable to truly love and accept others from the Source. And loving and accepting ourselves begins with our relationship with Source, God. As our relationship on our end with Source grows more thickly connected, and we allow ourselves to let the Creator’s love and light in, we heal that relationship. We can choose which path to follow because we have free will to let ourselves connect to our Creator and let that energy in and the wise guidance we get from our Higher Self. We also have the free will to follow our ego’s path, the path of non-enlightenment.

We experience and create our own problems by cutting off our connection with the Creator and stop seeing our lives through the eyes of love and light. When we connect through our hearts with our Creator, we experience a life of love, abundance, and ease. We can see like the angels from an objective, compassionate, loving view. The stories and excuses, the rationals and limiting beliefs disappear, and we experience the flow of the divine right here, right now, in the present moment.

When we live from the ego, the personality, we forget who we are and experience life as a mess with lots of drama. How about we start allowing ourselves to connect with our Source and go along with the flow of love and light, being our true selves, our divine greatness, the love and light that we are everywhere we go, spreading that love and light, helping transforming our world into the heaven it was always meant to be.

Love and Light,

Miche Lame’, M.A.L.L.P.


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