Your Heart’s Desire


by John Ashbrook

One of the most interesting and revealing, but often overlooked applications of numerology, is the soul’s wish number. This number, also known as the “heart’s desire,” is a strong indicator of the deepest wishes that reside in a person’s soul. These wishes are sometimes unconscious or only semi-conscious, but they are almost always fulfilled to one degree or another during the course of one’s life. The nature of these deep desires is usually twofold. First, there is a push within the soul to master a specific spiritual principle or lesson in life, and second, there is an ambition to achieve some very real “earthly” goals as well.

Since these wishes originate in the inner soul, they are symbolized by the vowels of your full birth name. The vowels are, for the most part, surrounded by the consonants, and therefore they represent the inner aspects of the personality. It is quick and easy to figure your soul’s wish number, using the vowels A, E, I, O, U of your full birth name. Simply assign these number values as follows: A=1, E=5, I=9, O=6, U=3. (Note: W and Y are not used as vowels in this exercise).

Next, add the numbers together to obtain a total. If the total is 9 or less, let it stand. If the total is 10 or more, keep adding until you end up with a single digit. Example: The name John Frederick Southard would work out like this – 6+5+9+6+3+1=30 and 3+0=3. Another example is the name Jennifer Marie Johnson, which would work out like this: 5+9+5+1+9+5+6+6=46. 4+6=10 and finally, 1+0=1. Figure your soul’s wish number and look it up in the following list of explanations. Regarding relationships, it is interesting to note that there is a much greater chance for compatibility and a successful relationship when two people have the same soul’s wish number!

Number 1: Deep within your soul, there is a powerful desire to take full responsibility for your own life, to be strong and independent. This, you want to do for yourself. There is also a wish to be a leader, to be an entrepreneur, to be the first and best in your chosen field of endeavor. You want to be a person of action.

Number 2: Your inner wish is to learn to trust your feelings, your intuitive knowing, to use your sensitivity to guide you in creating a better life. You also wish to use your powers of diplomacy to guide others, and you would welcome the opportunity to be sought out by others as a paid expert or consultant in your specific area of interest. You could be a great counselor.

Number 3: You desire to express your individuality, and doing this is the key to building your personal confidence and higher self-esteem. You wish to see your ideas become a reality and would love to make your living by the way of your personal creativity. Art, music, or writing may be in your future.

Number 4: There is a tremendous desire within to transform your soul, to create a new life through personal spiritual work. You wish to build a solid foundation of security through hard work, focus, and personal discipline. You may have great powers of creative visualization; whatever you can see in your mind can become a reality.

Number 5: Your soul’s wish is knowledge, personal expansion, growth, and freedom. You want excitement and adventure in your life. There is a strong desire to travel and meet people who will help you broaden your horizons. You are learning to loosen up on control and trust your need for spontaneity. For some, there is a desire for a political career.

Number 6: Your soul seeks balance in all that you do; you are learning to make commitments to your own life as well as being devoted to others. There is a strong desire to serve humanity, but not at the price of extreme self-sacrifice. In your daily life, you wish to create a very loving and harmonious family environment. There is a need to make your home a special place.

Number 7: Your heart’s desire is truth, patience, and faith in the process of life. You are learning to relax and believe that the best will come to you. You wish to minimize your tendency to analyze or worry. Your soul yearns for the energy that flows off a body of water. You could end up living on or near the water, for you especially, it is spiritually cleansing.

Number 8: Deep within, there is a powerful wish for you to really show all of your spiritual beauty to the world. You are learning not to be ashamed of or guilty about your unique personality. There is real ambition in you and a desire to be self-employed or own your own business. You deserve good things, so treat yourself accordingly. For many, music is of special interest.

Number 9: Spiritually, you have an inner wish to learn the lessons of forgiveness and letting go. You have a flair for the dramatic, but you must be careful of getting stuck in life’s little dramas. You are compassionate and caring, but you must learn to set limits. There is a strong desire to finish things, complete projects, and move on. Often, there is a love for animals and talent for handling them.


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