Your Piece of the Puzzle


Your Piece of the Puzzle by Eve Wilson

Humanity is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Each human a unique and essential piece of the big picture of life. Your piece of the puzzle is as important as everyone else’s. There is no other that can fill your spot.

Throughout history, the places where our puzzle pieces meet others have been opportunities for growth. Where we have joined, we have been changed and have in turn changed others. We have spurred, prodded, motivated, interrupted, restricted, and influenced each other’s direction of life.

This picture of human life is undergoing a foundational shift that changes the way our puzzle pieces interact with each other for the better. We are each becoming more individual, empowered, unified with our Higher Selves and whole. This shift takes us from being affected by everyone else’s choices and behaviors to a state called sovereignty. That is the state of being completely engaged in unity with our true selves and higher purpose. Sovereignty is initiated through partnering with and being increasingly guided by our eternal spiritual essence of truth, also called our Higher Selves.

This shift is the natural product of our current phase of evolution. It is as inevitable as the turning of our planet around the sun and as unavoidable as growing up. Who we have been in the past is a less mature version of self-seeking to know ourselves through participation, service, or competition with others. When isolated from that, we haven’t known who or what to be; we have felt lost. Interestingly, we are undergoing a worldwide state of relative isolation due to the COVID virus. In this lonelier state, we are coming to realize that we are capable of being ourselves, even when we can’t define that by interaction with others and activities that stimulate us. We are collectively growing more sovereign, and everything in life helps us move in that direction.

As we become increasingly sovereign, we are preparing to join with others in ways that don’t restrict, prod, or change the direction of our lives. We are beginning to reveal our true nature in harmony with others’ true nature in a kind of moment-by-moment dance of co-creation. Each sovereign individual is a mirror of their Higher Self, expressing itself uniquely as needed, whether independently or through interacting with others. And we increasingly find that there is a harmony and natural synchrony that emerges in response to the needs of the greater good for everyone.  

There is no need to conform or even agree; we just play our part respectful of others’ parts, and amazingly it all fits. This emerging harmony of our relationships is as natural as the growth of a seed into a plant. On the one hand, it is already perfect in its design. On the other hand, each moment shows a new design never revealed before.  

Where in the past, it seemed as though we had gone round and round the same cycles of creation and destruction of societies, industries, relationships, and roles with very gradual changes overall. In this more mature state, life is much more fluid, fresh, and masterful in its unique expression of purpose, value, and fulfillment. Each one of us has a unique role within each circumstance and each moment. 

We don’t look to others to define our actions, choices, and expressions of self. We reflect our higher self into the world. Then we can look to the bigger puzzle of humanity and see how it all creates a uniquely beautiful picture that changes, creating new harmonies within each moment.

The phase of evolution we are in is called the journey of ascension. It is an exciting time to be together on earth, as we surrender the old conflictual ways of interacting and increasingly reveal our own unique higher intelligence and love, as innate as life itself.

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