Happiness IS Possible Now


Accept that you are beautiful and gifted.  Living as an example is the greatest way to teach, and the most important thing to teach is Love.
You were born to be a living example of God. You were not born to just survive each weekday and gain temporary pleasures on the weekend. Life is not a mystery to be solved but a celebration to be lived. People are not puzzles to analyze but miracles to be enjoyed.
Your hands and feet are extensions of Creation. In who you choose to Be, you make the invisible .visible.  You are important to the whole. Just as one cell of your body can replicate a whole you, you are a representation of Universal One.  You lack nothing.  You are not just a piece or part of God. God is everywhere in It’s fullness, and not in just one place.  No one person or organization has the ‘in’ on God or ‘owns’ God.  Every person on the planet has a responsibility to realize and actualize their divinity and gifts.
Your mind is full of stories telling you why you are not beautiful, lovable, or enough. No matter the depth of the details as to ‘why’ you are not good enough, it is ALL lies. You are not powerful enough to change what Creation has made you to be. It is not arrogant to accept your divinity, but humble. You are lovable, loved, and enough right now. Any stories to the contrary have been made up by your mind or ego.  Isn’t it time to let them go?
You have a choice to make your past your future. You are empowered to co-create a different life.  Instead of blaming yourself or others for a problem you may have, ask this empowering question, “What is seeking to emerge from me, from this issue? What quality must I cultivate to become the solution to this problem?”  The answer is already within you, it just needs your attention to be noticed. You are focused on the problem, so you can’t see the answer.  All problems are just opportunities to awaken to a greater you.
“All of life seeks to show you your divinity.”
Life is not about a goal, outcome, or solving problems, it is who you are becoming. It is not what you ‘get’ out of life.  It is whether you have chosen to benefit from your experiences and become a better version of you.  When you approach death, will it be the amount of money you made or goals you accomplished that make you most proud? No. It will be who you have chosen to be in your life.
You only ‘get’ what energetically matches you. Express love and compassion and life will match what you give out. This is divine law. Gravity does not choose to work some days and not others.  How you feel inside and what you express aligns you with your destiny. Knowing life always reflects your inner environment, accepting your innate greatness, and knowing the precious child of Creation you are, becomes a logical choice.  Align with your spiritual inheritance through inner acknowledgment.    In your willingness to grow, heal, and do your inner work, you are continually becoming the next version of your True Self.  You are already whole and complete, AND you are waking up to this Truth. This paradox makes greater sense as you come into spiritual maturity. From your inner evolution of realizing your True Identity as Love, Wisdom, and Magnificence, you experience your life differently.  If your life has not changed it is because you have not changed your self-perception.
Through the Self-Acceptance Process® you realize you are not the emotion, past, or condition you were holding onto. You have mistaken your identity as the problem, circumstance, or pain.  How you feel about yourself is how you experience your environment. You could be in heaven and experience hell. Have you ever been in a beautiful environment and yet felt horrible inside? Happiness is not something you get, but something you realize within. Accept you are worthy and more than enough, right now.
You can only give to others what you have within.  Give to another something you want. For instance, if you want recognition…recognize someone.  If you want compassion, then offer compassion. Do so without attachment to the outcome.  In the giving, you realize you always had it.  In serving and giving to others you witness and feel that which you have always been.  You don’t have to give to be loved by God.  You are loved no matter what, and you can’t mess that up. Know that you don’t have to do, say, or give anything to Be love or be loved, BUT, it is in the giving of your smile, creativity, gifts, and self, that you have the joy of  FEELING CREATION AS YOU!
I am immensely grateful to have had the privilege of serving and teaching hundreds of people using the Self-Acceptance Process®. I have seen this simple process change lives, heal suffering, and help the community. I hope to have honor of working with you in a one-on-one session, or during an upcoming retreat.  Give yourself full permission to be happy and know who you truly are in God. As you Love yourself, you love the Self within all Beings.

In love,

Barbra White



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