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3 Easy Intuition Tools

3 Easy Intuition Tools

Intuition is coming to you from all directions all the time. It could be compared to a group of powerful wild horses whose energy you would do well to harness for insight into every area of life.

Here are three simple tools you can try, each using a different intuitive sense:

Clairvoyance for Hiring
Try this tool if you want to employ someone such as a house painter. Write the name of one possible candidate on a piece of paper. Jot down the name of another possible choice on a separate piece of paper. Continue with this process if you have more than two people in mind. You might end up with several pieces of paper with a name on each.
Start the exercise with a prayer, blessing your activity and asking for the highest and best answer to be revealed visually, clairvoyantly. Put the pieces of paper in a row and relax with deep belly breaths.
Let your eyes get a little unfocused as you gaze at the slips of paper. One piece of paper usually starts to stand out. It may be that your eyes go to that slip of paper repeatedly. Other things that could happen are that one name seems to be in a bolder text or the paper seems to be illuminated. Use this as your right brain/intuitive brain input. It’s always good to check the person’s credentials, of course. That’s the left brain/logical side of the answer.
This process works whether you want a new accountant, attorney, nanny, realtor, doctor, or anyone else to help you, if you remain neutral and don’t try to impose your desires on the result.

Clairsentience for Judging Character
For this exercise start with two pictures or names. One would be a mass murderer or other dark soul, such as Hitler. For the other, choose a saintly figure like Mother Teresa. Put the pictures or names in front of you.
Start the exercise with a prayer, blessing your activity and asking for the highest and best answer to be revealed through your feelings, clairsentiently. Relax with deep belly breaths. Ask your body to signal you with a feeling as you touch first one picture or name, and pause to notice what your body feels.
Pay attention to where the feeling shows up. It could be a chill or warm feeling throughout your whole body, a feeling in your heart, throat, belly, behind your eyes, or in any number of other places. You will probably feel a heavy, uncomfortable energy when you touch the picture/name of the evil person and feel lightness or peace when you touch the other one. Try this process with the information upside down to see if you have gotten the idea. This is your body’s excellent intuitive communication to you so it’s important to notice the precise way the information is expressed in your body. Now touch the other paper and repeat the exercise.

Now place a third picture or name between the other two. This could be someone about whom you have a question. Touch the papers on the ends to establish your differing feelings for the two personality extremes. Then touch the one you’ve added to the middle. How does it feel? Do you feel peaceful and trusting with that person’s energy? Do you feel some discomfort? This is good intuitive information to file away in your mind.
If it’s intuition and not your emotions you can count on it to be telling you something true. Write down your impressions to see if experiences with the person you chose prove to be accurate. And your intuitive information will be accurate if you don’t try to get a certain result!

Clairaudience for the Microwave
Let’s end with an ultra-simple tool. When you are ready to microwave something, pause and request that you hear the timing to use. For example, if you are reheating a cup of coffee, you could have a thought that says 30 seconds. This would be the time to program into the microwave.
Remember that clairaudience usually comes as a thought rather than as an out loud message. If you trust what you hear in your mind when you ask for clairaudient input, your accuracy will be very high. If the number comes into your mind visually, turn off the projector in your mind’s eye and ask that it come as a thought instead. You want to hear the numbers in your mind.
Practice. Practice some more. Make building your intuition a priority in your life and you will be delighted with the results.

Shala Kilmer
Since 1991, Shala has conducted classes to help people develop their intuitive/psychic gifts. Opt-in to www.IntuitionPath for a Free Gift and check out the information about “Get On Board With Channeling”, a Channeling Intensive Retreat in Saugatuck, MI. Contact Shala about upcoming classes or for an inspiring, accurate reading at 248..258.8287 or Shala@IntuitionPath.com.

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