4 Types of Love Relationships; Which is Yours?


Love can be so complicated and misleading… You may feel; finally, I’ve found my perfect relationship; however, ignoring all the signs that there may be something just not right. In my years of doing readings, I have found that so many people have fallen into a one-sided love relationship.
I have discovered 4 different types of love relationships.
Karmic, Soulmate, Twin Flame, and a Perfect Divine Mate

KARMIC Relationship: This is usually a sexual attraction, sometimes we believe it is love at first sight, however it most likely is lust at first sight. You don’t know if you are going to make love or fight! You may find that they ignore you while trying to have a conversation. Doesn’t make long term plans, or when they do, may just not show up or even cancel without a good reason. This type of relationship is often tragic as you feel you are in love and can’t live without this person. You may even make plans to get married only to be left at the altar. Karmic basic meaning is a lesson in life. Often trying to make this relationship work results in you going deeper into the negative realm. Sadly, even if you escape this type of relationship and have not learned your lesson, you will be doomed to repeat it with your next attraction or sadly never letting go of the one that got away….

SOULMATE Relationship: We all have heard of this one! Unfortunately, karmic relationships are often mistaken for soulmate relationships. Often, I find that there is a past life connection within the soulmate love. Maybe they have been married in another life and experienced in the past life the love lost through death, or others keeping your love apart. This attraction is very strong; it feels like they can’t be without their soulmate; however, I have found that soulmate relationships even though they aren’t as negative as the Karmic Love can be. Often you will see Soulmates get married or live together then divorce. Yet feel they are still friends and can’t seem to entirely let go of one another. Karmic relationships are often one-sided, soulmates are connected, but need to still work out difficulties. Soulmates are part of each other’s soul cluster. Soulmates can work through their problems as this is real love. If one does work out the differences, they can evolve this love to a Perfect Divine Mate relationship. It may take many lifetimes, or if they work at it may achieve it in one lifetime.

Twin Flame Relationships: This relationship differs from the soulmate relationship as a soulmate is part of your soul cluster, but a twin flame is actually the other half of your soul. Reaching this level of connection can be quite interesting. Sometimes this is called a mirror relationship, as it is much like looking into a mirror seeing yourself within your love interest. This can be a bit offsetting as they see themselves in the other person. They are literally the other half of each other’s soul, which means you do understand each other’s thoughts and habits; you will like the same things and almost never argue. Often a twin flame relationship can read each other’s minds, much like a set of twins. This relationships purpose is to help you love and understand yourself so that you will be able to evolve your whole soul to higher spiritual levels.

Perfect Divine Mate Relationships: I discovered this interesting level of love about 10 years ago. To my surprise, I have not found anyone else teaching about this type of relationship. While doing readings on several of my clients through the years, I discovered this level of love and connection emerge while describing their relationships and even though it is rare… it does exist! What I discovered is that they are soulmates that completed all of their karma, and before they came into their current life, they chose to be together as a love mate. They no longer had love karma at all. They are those people that have been married for 40, 50, or more years and still in love with their mate. The purpose of this relationship is to help others with their relationships. They often have many children or adopt them. They join many clubs and groups-and, in being together demonstrate a perfect divine love. This does not mean they never get upset with each other. But instead of fighting or harboring anger, they work it through by talking and, of course, listening to each other.

Happy Valentine’s day. Wendy Powers Nugent


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