Excerpted from ENTERING PEACE, a podcast meditation offered by
Norma Gentile. Here are words inspired by a presence that Norma
recognizes as Mary, sharing a reminder of our ability to express
compassion as an aspect of Spiritual Love.

May the blessings of Spirit, of Creator, and Creation be available to all of us.
May who we truly are, and our Soul’s journey be clearer to each of us.
May what we each bring, in terms of compassion, understanding, and
wisdom, express through each of us more fully.

May we recognize, with compassion, when fear and anger is being
expressed. And may we turn and find our own connection to Spirit deep
within ourselves, recognizing that the fear and the anger may not be ours to
express as fully as we have been expressing it.

The holding of Sacred Space allows for compassion. And in that Sacred
Space, in that magnification of compassion, our brain can come into a
space of quiet, where all that we behold can step back so that what is truly
ours to do, and ours to engage with, and the way to engage with
something becomes clear and evident.
May you go in grace
May you see beauty

May you hear with a heart full of compassion

Listen to a song drawn through Norma to amplify our ability to remember
compassion: http://www.healingchants.com/sh.2024_01.mp3
listen to Entering Peace, the free podcast meditation this comes from:

Norma Gentile is a professional singer with multiple albums of healing
music and over 60 podcast meditations. Her love of combining music and
energy healing has led her to appreciate that each person is unique and
each Soul’s journey brings blessings to all. www.HealingChants.com


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