Love is Eternal


By Marybeth Rombeck Nelson

If you’re lucky, February is the month of Love, Valentine’s cards, dates, chocolates, and romance!

Remember that love is eternal, and if you are missing someone who has crossed over, they are still with you in every memory and thought of them. They are still in your heart. The energy of love lives on in our spirit, in our very soul. That soul-to-soul connection we share with our family, pets, friends, and lovers is eternal love. So, if you are missing a loved one who is no longer with you on Mother Earth, ask them to come to you in a vivid dream. Talk with them when you meditate and journal the messages you get. Light a candle by their picture and send them love. Love is eternal, and they will feel it, and so will you. We all are love in motion, thumped into this body, we walk around in. Know you are unconditionally loved as you are right this moment.

I am Loved
I am Eternal
I am Unconditionally Loved as I am

Marybeth Rombach Nelson
Published Author, Reiki Master,
Gifted Intuitive & Spiritual Teacher


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