A Deeper Significance


Every creature is a part of the larger body of God which we have been building through all of our lifetimes. This body has been in the process of maturing enough to be able to awaken to its true identity as a vehicle for God. Until now the body has been mostly asleep to its truth, each part feeling separate from the others and from God, but that is changing. As individuals, some of us are at the point of awakening to our unity with God and all of life, but we are still on the borderland of sleep and so we slip in and out of consciousness. It’s challenging for individual parts to awaken and stay awake when the larger body is asleep; at this point we still really have to work at it. Below are some ideas to stimulate you and help you to stay awake to the essential part you play within the body of God. As you are increasingly awake to your truth, you let God live in the world through you, a little more every day.

Each moment reveals a deeper meaning when you remember God is living in you. Every accomplishment that doesn’t include God consciousness contains a kind of emptiness. It may be more important to scratch your nose while you remember that you are a part of God than to achieve some impressive outer goal without letting God awaken within the experience.

People often think of their lives as insignificant and unworthy of the divine. But that simply isn’t true.

There is a false humility that we can carry that shuts God out of our life. You are worthy of being a vessel of divine love. That is what you are created for. It doesn’t mean that you have to be different than what you are right now. Just be yourself and remember that God is within you.

God is not separate from you in any way. You are made of God substance; it is all you could ever be. The choice to include God consciously makes every circumstance holy and changes the very nature of everything. Even the ugly and nasty things take on a new significance.

Metaphorically, let’s say that the world is like a giant computer keyboard. Each heart that remembers God within is like a key that God can type on to write the story of life. You just have to be one key and all the other hearts that remember will be their individual keys and together we allow God to write the bigger story of life. You may never know what role you play on any given day by opening your heart to God within your experience, but your willingness to play your part will have a significant impact on the workings for every creature in the world.

God is not limited by anyone’s religious beliefs or judgments. God’s love is unconditional and everyone is just as valued as everyone else. Good and bad, right and wrong, we can’t always understand God’s purpose in the roles that people play. As you awaken to God within you, you come to accept yourself and understand that you are perfect in your imperfections; then you can begin to release judgment of others as well. That doesn’t mean that you don’t stand up for what you believe to be right or try to protect yourself or others from harm, but you learn to trust that there is a reason for it all that may be beyond your comprehension. Recognizing that we are eternally one with God and therefore safe and unbreakable, we can accept things as they are more easily.

Every moment that you remember God in your life is a significant moment. Every time that you are able to see God in another, where human judgment would see the absence of God, you change the world. Your recognition allows God to act within that circumstance.

Eve Wilson


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