Love Overcomes


Everything in your experience is contracted to play a role on the stage of your life, mirroring an essential message about you. Where you find obstruction and hurtful energy outside of you, it represents those elements within your own soul which are self-defeating. It is not your fault, it is the agreements we made when we decided to experience ourself as limited and it has taken us to this point growing the soul we need for God to manifest within us. Let the challenges in your life be signposts to the blocks inside of you. There you will find out how your power and your potential can be actualized.

Your inner angel will teach you to overcome the self-defeating energies within your body and soul. As you are filled with love, the old stage set of your life story will be cleared and you will find yourself on an entirely new and much nicer stage playing the role that was meant for you! Don’t be surprised if it is different but better than what you thought you wanted.

Don’t be afraid of your journey. Your higher consciousness designed this experience perfectly to manifest the gifts you need. Your angel will teach you to love yourself, which is the essential ingredient. Loving yourself unleashes your true potential and brings you into line with God within and all around you. Loveing yourself needs to be all the way down to your cells and DNA, not just an idea in your head.

Read about how to work with your inner angel in the Feb. 2012 issue of The Body Mind Spirit Guide! Or, come in for a healing and let me teach you directly all the things your angel can do.

Love and blessings on your journey,

Eve Wilson


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