“A Journey of Self Discovery: Meditation Series” at Schoolcraft College Continuing Education


A Journey of Self Discovery: Meditation Series is being offered through the Schoolcraft College Continuing Education Department, as part of their fall Personal Enrichment Curriculum. This four-week series, presented by Kathy Bindu Henning, offers a variety of topics and includes interactive lecture and Present Moment Meditation.

The series begins Wednesday, September 19 with Experience the Self: An Inner Journey.  Have you ever wondered who you are beyond your name, form and the many roles you’ve played throughout your lifetime? Participants will take an in-depth look at the essence of Self and experience the radiant, peaceful presence within.  Learn how to stay connected with Self while living in today’s hectic world.

Living with the Pairs of Opposites takes place on September 25. This exciting lecture explores the pairs of opposites—good/bad; happy/sad; love/hate; praise/blame and on and on! The pairs of opposites are constantly changing and they affect our joy, contentment and our ability to remain calm and steady.  Learn how to recognize them, their “truth” in reality, and how to live gracefully among them.

A peaceful mind is the foundation for health, happiness and well-being, yet quieting the mind can be a difficult task!  In A Peaceful Mind is a Precious Gift, October 3, participants will learn powerful tools to calm the restless activity of the mind.  Learn how to relax, unwind and experience inner peace.  Discover a fresh perspective and experience life anew!

Words have great power and meaning, whether silently thought or verbally spoken.  Mantra: The Power of Sound, October 10, provides a basic understanding of mantras, their origin, power and significance.  Participants will learn simple mantras that can be used for relaxation, meditation and throughout the day to stay centered, calm, present and peaceful.

Join us!  Bring a friend.  Lectures run 6:30-8:30 p.m., and can be taken individually or as a series. For more information you can call the school at: 734-462-4448.  And to register please visit their site at: www.schoolcraft.edu/cepd.


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