A Labor of Love


September is the month of Labor Day, a symbol of the contributions that laborers have made for the strength, prosperity, and health of our country. So, let us look at the idea of a spiritual labor of love. A labor of love is when someone does something for the benefit of others rather than material rewards. What if a labor of love is actually to heal and transform your inner self for the good of humanity’s higher consciousness, then letting the vibration of that transformation spread and help others to transcend into a higher consciousness?

What would healing and transforming your inner self look like? It would most likely involve breathing in spirit, the love and light of our Source. It may involve meditation for focusing and clearing. How about doing some energy work, helping transform and heal your energy and those around you has a ripple effect of transforming humanity’s energy and, therefore, consciousness? You can volunteer in an activity that promotes the healing or serving of others without regard to gain for yourself — you will feel connected and probably joyful! In fact, you can form a support group to focus on the healing/serving of others, and that energy is then amplified reflecting the increase in energy that a group provides.

Try taking the time to visualize what love would look like in the world. Spiritual labor is often on the inside and vibrated outward, changing and transforming our environment, and when we include others in our vision, the energy expands exponentially — transforming the world. One of the best sources for change is with our heart and mind connecting with our spirit. This combination is so powerful that it can easily change the world around us. It just does not look like labor, yet can be even more powerful than manual labor.

We are all connected. So when one of us heals and transforms our energy or help others do so, we all benefit and move towards humanity’s self-actualization as a whole. We can all participate in a soulful labor of love — with joy. We can all do our part in this mass endeavor. And, feel – be – the divine joy, love, and peace we are at our core, our soul level

— we are just letting the vibration spread a little!

By Miche Lame’


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