A Tremendous Amount of Love


There is a tremendous amount of love coming into the universe right now from the creative source of life. This energy is making it easier to release old hurts and allowing us to find a deeper inner balance and peace, regardless of the chaos in our lives. The love seems to get stronger by the day and the healing that I see happening for individuals and the planet as a whole is amazing.

Whenever there is an influx of love, there is also a flushing out of that which is its opposite. Kind of like when a river floods it picks up all the old debris that has built up along its banks and you sometimes get pile ups of dead wood and trash that get stuck at narrow places along the river’s flow.

When love intensifies in our personal lives or in the world around us it is a lot like the river during a flood. The elements within our souls and lives which are not loving may come to the surface and things may seem to pile up emotionally, mentally or in our circumstances. If you focus on that, you may miss the love that underlies this experience. The important thing is that love is increasing. So open your heart when you see the junk showing up in your life and welcome the love that is trying to break through into your experience! Doing so will facilitate the clearing of the debris and your awakening to a higher level of being.

The world is undergoing a process of ascension by which it is growing stronger in love and truth and closer to our divine roots. This has been going on for a number of years now and it is has loosened up a lot of old negative energy which is in the process of flowing out of our lives. People look at the political, social and economic circumstances in our world and judge that things are getting worse, but underlying that is the intensification of love. That love is bringing to the surface the darker elements of greed, fear, dishonesty and self-hatred to name a few. If all you see is the junk piling up, you could get seriously discouraged. Growth and change is not for the faint of heart,however, things really aren’t as bad as people may fear. Open up to the love which is moving us out of the old ways of doing things and into a new place and you will find hope and joy in the process.

One of the strangest symptoms of this period of change is the way that our children are so absorbed by their electronic media. A lot of parents and adults find this seriously discouraging. However, I believe that they are doing what they need to do to stay calm during this time of change as well as developing important skills for their future.

While things that we as adults have invested so much of our lives into such as governments,finances and our planet itself undergo dramatic shifts, our children are distracted by things that help them feel more peaceful and in control. The high speed communication experienced through internet and phone texting are training new skills that are evolving in us, such as telepathy. They are getting used to being instantly in touch this way and one day they will not need the machines to do it. They are also learning to create in a more spiritual way. Later on in our evolution this will be essential. The world will be less dense and creation will occur much more spontaneously through grounded spiritual imagination. Our children are not investing in the world we have been living in because they are preparing to live in a world which is quite different. It will be much more spiritually responsive and alive and a lot less physically dense and resistant to truth. We will exist on a higher vibration where change can be instantaneous and stimulated by a combination of love, will and imagination.

That is not to say that children don’t need other stimulus or to deny that there are unsavory elements to what they are dealing with. I highly encourage you and your children to spend time in nature. Nature is also a great teacher. She teaches us to recognize God within all life and to feel the love innate within all things. She trains us to recognize truth by helping us to resonate to clear energy and to develop a sense of awe. It is important to relax into our bodies and feel at home on the earth whenever we can do so.

It is exciting to be alive at this time. We are breaking free of so much old junk. Let the river of love flow through you and your life and trust the journey that we are all on here together.



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