Healing Must Begin In Our Minds


As you think……


Our belief systems determine our health. How we think determines our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup. Imbalances in these attributes can result in nutritional deficiencies, chemical imbalances and structural abnormalities.


If we worry too much, we tend to develop diabetes and lymphatic system problems.


Diabetics tend to worry about their issues and everyone else’s issues. They mope when faced with life’s challenges, and eat comfort foods to compensate. Blood sugar level spiking in this way three to five times a week for two to five years can overwork the pancreas and result in diabetes. People who have recurring thoughts and dreams; and talk about the same things all the time tend to have lymphatic issues.


A person who is always grumpy and picky, we tend to develop liver problems. The liver performs hundreds of functions every second. You’d be grumpy too if you had so many things to do!


One is probably grieving if he or she has lung problems and digestive problems in the colon.


Fearful people tend to have kidney and urinary bladder problems. These organs are the body’s fear centers. Urinary tract infections, kidney problems, incontinence and other illnesses can be the result of this state of mind.


Each of our organs, body parts and endocrine glands possess states of consciousness that can affect our overall health in various ways, belief system and experiential makeup. Indeed, each of our seventy to one hundred trillion cells have varying states of conscious and memory.


The Power of Belief


My family would frequently visit my grandparents when I was very young. I was quite the chubby one then, and my mother would always get upset when my grandmother would give me treats and snacks. Mom would say to Grandma, “Mom, you’re making him fatter and fatter!” Grandma would stubbornly reply, “If he isn’t chubby, he isn’t healthy!” That’s a cross-cultural belief that has existed for some years, and that still exists today. We all too often reward our children with unhealthy “comfort” and “fun” foods. The result is that Type 2 (adult onset) diabetes in U. S. children and adolescents … appears to be a sizable and growing problem (Center for Disease Control). We are loving our children to death! As for me, I continued to reward myself by celebrating my happy experiences and good fortune (and burying my sorrows) with comfort foods combined with insufficient amounts of exercise and rest. I had open heart surgery, a kidney transplant, diabetes, hypertension, a colon resection to remove pre-cancerous polyps, and glaucoma. Yeperooo, I almost loved myself to death.


There are probably as many belief systems as there are people. The combination of experiences with beliefs makes us vulnerable to a myriad of imbalances – each of which can be positively dealt with to help our bodied heal. Our bodies are self-correcting organisms. They are constantly trying to heal and balance themselves. They do, however, need help by living right – eating well, proper types and amounts of exercise and getting sufficient rest. The most important thing that anyone can do to heal is to reset their thinking, change pre-conceived notions and eliminate inappropriate belief systems. Any Imbalances we attempt to correct without right thinking will only result in temporary fixes.

Be well!

Robert Carter is a naturopathic doctor and the owner of Perfect Circle Natural Health Services in Farmington. He specializes in BpdyTalk – a form of consciousness based energy medicine. He also offers Bach flower remedies, homeopathic remedies, nutritional counseling and other holistic services. Contact him at 248-752-2400 or through his web site at www.perfcirc.com.


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