The truth about why you dream, what happens in your dreams, prophetic dreams, scary dreams, and why you sleep according to Kabbalah, and as written in the sacred Zohar.

According to Interpretations

Oakland County psychic medium and clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen has been a Kabbalah student for many years. She is constantly receiving many questions from her clients about the meanings of their dreams. According to Kabbalah, not all dreams are about physical reality. Some people dream when they are awake. But we are mostly referring to the sleep state.

You are not supposed to discuss your dreams with just anyone. Kabbalists believe that you should only discuss your dreams with someone who loves you 100% and wants only the best for you. This is because the actual interpretation of such dreams can affect how the potentiality of how a dream plays out as a reality within the physical world. This means that you want someone who is trained on what to say, and on what not to say and offers you a positive interpretation.

There are levels of dreams. The highest one is the level of prophecy. Usually, a person that is negative does not reach this level. The way we behave during the day affects us. When we see a dream in its entirety play out scene by scene, that is also another level of prophecy. This means that we were able to see this movie before we were also able to see this situation play out in our life.

In different parts of the world, people have different amounts of sleep hours depending on their lifestyle. But the less sleep people have, the grouchier they seem to be. When we are busy we are less tired. And when we are not busy, we are more tired. Many may notice that after coming home from what they thought of as a restful vacation of lounging at the beach, they will come home tired. Resting and sleeping are two different things. The Zohar says that the reason that people are tired is that there is a war between the good in you, and the bad in you.

If you feel good and are having a happy day, then you are less tired. The more you are angry, reactive, and upset, the more tired you will feel. People feel tired because they have a disconnection from the light. The angrier and more reactive a person is, the more tired they become. There is only one reason for sleeping. Sleep gives our souls an opportunity to leave the physicality so it can recharge itself. If you went through an experience in the middle of the day that was stressful and made you angry, then you would feel that you wanted to sleep. This is your soul urging you to allow it to reconnect to the light so it can recharge itself.

Dreams are a form of prophecy. When you are dreaming you are getting messages about the future. This is written in the Tora and is also scientifically proven. This is confusing because sometimes the dreams are a fabrication, and sometimes the dreams are true. We have to ask ourselves how we know this. The Zohar states that this depends on a person’s action. The famous Kabbalist, Rav Berg from the Kabbalah Center, states that if someone is negative, hates people, and gossips about people, then they will have dreams that will be of total fabrication. The negative dreamer’s dreams will have no validity, will be based upon fear, and will have nothing to do with the future.

The Rav says that the Zohar states that only someone who is righteous and treats his fellow-man nicely can see prophetic dreams of the future. A prophecy says that tomorrow is here now. This is because tomorrow comes today because today is the seed of tomorrow. The seed already contains the fruit now, except in a potential manner. “Time is just an illusion” said Einstein. When you only live in the physical reality then you will be part of a world that is both good and evil. That is why we are all here to strive to reach a higher consciousness.

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