Achieve Foot and Leg Pain Relief with Massage


Plantar fasciitis, aching feet, periostitis shin splints are all very common complaints. Athletes, people recovering improperly from injury, being overweight, over use and under use all contribute to these conditions. The truth is most people will experience tired legs at some stage in their life. Tired legs can turn into plantar fasciitis if left untreated.
Chronic plantar fasciitis can cause painful bone spurs and is surprisingly common. The body is capable of reabsorbing bone spurs and massage is the preventative medicine. Periostitis also known as shin splints if left untreated will cause structural misalignment that can show up as twists and pulls, anywhere and everywhere in the muscle skeletal system, throughout the body. All of these conditions are treatable and taken care of through routine clinical massage.
Tendinitis is such a pain, and takes an eternity to heal if left untreated. The care may seem a little worse than the complaint at first, but this is temporary as specific pressure is applied across the fibers; this attracts blood flow to the area.
I am taking care of a client’s tendonitis, scoliosis, upper cross body twist, separated shoulder, and a very pronounced leg rotation, the result of untreated Periostitis. The fix for this is easy and very enjoyable. Regular deep tissue leg massage for this condition is an amazing experience. It provides long lasting health benefits, however done poorly can result in a painful experience. Proper treatment through the correct massage techniques provides long term lasting effects.  So you could say that sore feet and tired legs is something to complain about, but why bother complaining when treatment is so cheap and the physical benefits will reverberate into every aspect of everyday living.
The connection between our emotions and our physical bodies is well documented. Louise L. Hay’s book “You can Heal Your Life” is an excellent resource on tracking emotional energy through our bodies. In her book she points toward a significant example for foot complaints. She states it is directly attributed to the emotional energy of not understanding ourselves, our lives or others. The soul, emotions, body and mental connection is the one that most people have trouble with, but it’s where the root lies.
The healing attitude necessary to address physical complaints such as foot pain holistically is an attitude of “I can change easily with the times, my understanding is clear, I am safe moving forward”. At the Balance Holistic and Clinical Massage Therapy, classes on Reiki, energy medicine, thought or attitude therapy, brainwave entrainment, and more, are extensions of our holistic approach. These are companion classes that we run in support of our self/partner care massage classes. We feel these classes are an essential ingredient in a don’t survive, thrive lifestyle.
Massage is a great way to stay active. You can be as creative as you like, but proper body mechanics and good techniques not only make a great work out for both giver and receiver. Making a lifestyle choice for regular massage is a gift that keeps on giving for your physical, emotional and mental you. Come and learn this for yourself.

Aoghain Lakes Mclocha

Massage Lifestyle Coach/ Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher ~ Energy Medicine Practitioner. Aoghain blogs on self care massage techniques on and writes about a variety of self care massage techniques as well as a monthly article here.  At The Balance Clinical and Holistic Massage Therapy our upcoming classes include; European lymph skin massage and a wide range of self care and partner classes. Check out For more information contact us at( 248) 542-3073 . We are located in beautiful Berkley at 3250 Coolidge Hwy. (1 blk. S. of 12 Mile Rd.).


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