The Mindfulness Meditation System™


The Mindfulness Meditation System™
As Developed and Conveyed by Dr. Antonio Sieira

Mindfulness is a level of consciousness that helps us return to the present moment. Our minds are in a constant state of thought involving the past and anticipating the future. We have thousands of such thoughts throughout the day with over 90% of them being repetitious! Such ruminations have been shown to lead to anxiety, stress and general feelings of unhappiness. The practice of mindfulness meditation helps us to be present in the moment, and within “ourselves.”
The Mindfulness Meditation SystemTM was developed by the author after decades of personal practice in meditation. It is a unique system in that it appeals to a wide range of age and interest levels, and involves a system of gentle breathing, flexibility, balance and postural exercises. When combined with guided mindfulness meditation, the system will aid the student in achieving a level of comfort in their meditation experience. “Comfort” is an essential element to the continued practice of meditation! Consistent practicing of The Mindfulness Meditation SystemTM has been shown to provide many benefits to the emotional, physical and mental well-being of the practitioner. Several of the reported and observed benefits include:
Increased mental and physical energy.
An increased ability to experience calm relaxation.
A reduction in both mental and physical stress levels.
Stimulation of the lymphatic system which may enhance the immune system.
Internal organ massage.
Increased oxygen levels through improved abdominal breathing techniques.
Greater flexibility and mobility.
Improved balance.
Improved organization of thoughts and mental recall.
Improvement in inter- and intra- personal relationships.
An improved ability to respond to, rather than react to the daily challenges of life.
Decreased levels of emotional distress created by rumination and/or impulsive thoughts.
It is the author’s fervent desire to convey The Mindfulness Meditation System™ to all interested parties with the hope that they will continue with their meditation practice throughout their lives, thus enhancing and expanding well-being within themselves and to others! To that end I wish all

Peace within!!…
Antonio Sieira

Dr. Antonio Sieira holds degrees in Psychology/Special Education, metaphysics, and religious studies having a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, a Bachelor of Divinity and a Doctoral Degree. He is also certified by the American Hypnosis Association as a hypnotist, and a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and a Smoking Cessation Therapist by the AHA.  To learn more, visit  See the community calendar for upcoming events with Dr. Sieira at BodyWorks Healing Center, (734) 416-5200.


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