Aging With Grace and Finesse!


The onset of aging is often so gradual that we are often surprised when a birthday comes along at 40 or 50 or 60 years old. There are many reactions to aging. It can be one of fear and or disappointment. Fear that time is running out or that we have not made our dreams a reality. Perhaps we have stayed in relationships that have been less than fulfilling and now it seems too late to start over in life.

It can also spark an awareness that each day is precious, each relationship worth continuing or provide the impetus to discontinue those not so satisfying as we desire. We can believe that each day, each moment is measured in time and we realize that our dreams are out there beckoning that last call to get motivated to realize those dreams.

Perhaps it is a new career we desire and often people decide not to retire as we anticipate many productive years remaining or the economics of being unable to afford to retire. We need and want focus in our lives and for many our jobs become a major part of who we are. Our bodies change as the decades roll by and we catch that reflection in the mirror and wonder where time went to as that just can’t be me, I am just much younger than that!

How do we age gracefully and with finesse? We need to feel good to look and be awesome! Let me list some ways we can slow the hands of time beginning now, today and from now on.

1. Avoid , improve, or halt chronic disease such as diabetes and arthritis. How do we do that? Get on an acid reducing nutritional plan. Chronic diseases develop because of increased acid in our bodies providing the conditions ripe for deterioration and inflammation. Whether it is lung disease, bone disease or diabetes, we must balance and support our systems with a healthy nutritional intake avoiding processed foods. Most of us eat too much animal protein, are unable to absorb it and it becomes acidic in our systems. Reduce animal protein such as meats and milk. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Replace proteins with legumes and grains if tolerated. Many people have a gluten sensitivity. Get tested by your Natural Health Professional to make sure you are on a nutritional plan that works for what your body needs then eat to live not live to eat!

3. Manage stress . We all have stress, it is how we manage it that counts. Some people just keep going until they have nothing left to give with a result of fried adrenals and a crisis at hand. More and more people end up on anti-anxiety medications. Take time for yourself, meditate, pray, breathe! Even a few deep breaths several times a day can make a huge difference in how your body reads the messages from the outside world. Go to your happy place. Think about someplace you would like to be and experience that in your mind when things begin to get tense. Take time for a warm relaxing bath, a massage, energy balancing like Reiki. Take time to heal and balance yourself. Exercise also helps manage stress.

4. Spiritual connections are exceedingly important as we age. This is not necessarily a specific religious experience but more a connection with a power bigger than ourselves.

5. Connections with community, family and friends are also important We were made to be a social species and oft times we tend to retreat just the opposite of what we truly want and need. We all need support and caring especially as we age. Give more of what you want . Forgive others and let yourself be free to be all you can be. Listen to the quiet voice within us all that gives us messages if we just listen as to what we should be doing now. Release the ego driven negative messages and focus on the positive messages you get that are for your higher good. You will find the most satisfaction in life and a fulfillment of purpose if you are giving to others unconditionally with nothing in return expected.

6. Have Fun! Attitude is a choice! Be positive and giving. Find hobbies, activities, and positive people who support you and enjoy them! Sometimes we have to look outside our usual circle to find those who want to experience life and all it has to offer. Maybe it is a walk in the neighborhood with the dog exploring at each tree. Maybe it is playing cards, joining a club, dancing in your living room ,volunteering, skydiving or just calling someone who needs a positive word and a chance to laugh . You will benefit even more than they do!

Learn more RSVP to attend the class 2/28 6:30p. Natural Health and Wellbeing Network- Shelby MI.

Jean Cornell RN, Ph.D. Certified Natural Health Professional/ 888-217-3174


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