All I Want For Christmas Is…


All I want for Christmas is…

Written by Wendy Powers Nugent

I am sure we all have something in mind that we want for Christmas. It has been a very difficult and gloomy year after all. We deserve something very special, indeed. Maybe even something special to make up for all the stress of this year. Surely you would agree we can’t wait for this year to become a memory, but why God have we gone through everything all at once and worldwide! Back to the gift:

Dear Santa, I really don’t need to have anything too expensive or even store-bought. You can’t really fit it into a box or a gift bag and believe it will not fit under the tree. I have been so lonely and need some strength to get through the rest of the year. It’s true I do keep in touch with everyone by zoom and now have even closed my office and work from home due to the pandemic and the virus being so contagious. We can’t even see the smiles on others as they stand 6ft away from us! This is not healthy for the human soul. Now we’ve been told not only do we have to stand 6 feet apart; we can’t even have family over for holiday dinner on these long winter nights. How cruel this virus has been to everyone, sadness, and sickness touching so many. So, my dear Santa, this gift I desire is really for all the people on Earth. I need to ask for just one gift, which you may not be able to deliver until next Spring. The gift, dear Santa, all that I ask for, please make all this virus disappear or at least go away. Let the people of Earth hug once again. May joy spring up throughout the land and bring us all the healing hugs and gatherings once again. I want nothing else you see, and this isn’t just for me. Because Santa, you know God personally. Thought you could put in a good word for all of us, that we are ready again for goodwill and peace on Earth. This pause in our lives has been a very punishing time-out.

We all have been thinking long and hard about what we took for granted. Let God know we are ready to come out of our dwellings and into the sunshine. We are all ready for a bit of joy and peace in this season. So, Santa, this is not a small gift I ask for; it does have to be shared with the world. I say hugs all around! Oh, and one more thing Santa, please bring a Christmas holly for everyone to hang in the doorway to receive hugs and kisses from all their dear ones. For we have learned through this difficult year that there is no more precious gift than our family and friends. Thank you for listening, Santa.

I look forward to receiving this wondrous gift. May there be peace in our hearts and unity in spirit throughout the New Year. 

We are all God’s children; please be kind to your sisters and brothers. Happy holidays & peace to all.

Wendy Powers Nugent

Clairvoyant, Minister, Writer, and Certified Spiritual Counselor. She has been a professional psychic for more than 40 years with proven accuracy. To make an appointment, please Text 248-826-8255; leave your name and that you want to book an appointment. To find out more about Wendy and her readings, visit her website: 

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