Divine Source within you is always fully aware, accepting and loving of you, even when you are in a state where you are not aware of Divine Source.  Even when you have forgotten the magnificence of who you really are.  Your life is supposed to feel good to you, and yet that’s not what always comes into your experience.  You are meant to have happiness and joy in your life.  Fullfill your dreams, your life’s purpose.  Have and be love.  What happened?

You can only experience what you believe will be your experience.  The vibrations of your emotions and subconscious beliefs will attract those experiences to you.  You will get to prove your beliefs right.  These experiences can even be your emotional comfort zone, and have been programmed into your biocomputer brain.  Believe life is hard, and that’s what you receive.  You can create stories and rationalizations to support your beliefs.  And, if you believe life is hard, your creations will support this, even to the point of experiencing and reaffirming life is a battlefield, complete with mines.

Just becoming aware of your inner programs, patterns and emotions made in defense starts allowing for change to occur.  Starting to just feel and identify your emotions will start you on the path to self-transformation and acceptance.  Our emotions are given to us from Source as a learning tool for our own use to assist us on our spiritual journey to self-actualization.

When you resist or judge a feeling, you create an inner jail which seems like a great defense when you’re young, yet as you mature, this same defense of suppressing emotions becomes a hindrance to your own growth.  This pressing down of your feelings is the source of depression and numbness, suffering.  Trapping your Highest Self within, your light and love are dimmed, your vibration is lowered and becomes more stagnant.

You attract experiences and people with lower vibration.  Your resistance to your Divine Self becomes stronger.  It is a way to close the door on your connection with Divine Source.

Just allowing yourself to identify your patterns of defense and feelings without resistance or judgement, not only lets Source guide you, it allows you to give attention and energy to your self in a healing, nurturing, loving way.

Recognizing your stories and allowing your emotions can create holes in your percieved defenses, lowering your resistance to your own self.  You can then allow yourself to experience these emotions, releasing suppressed emotions releases the trapped, stagnant energy.  Releases the old stories and patterns to make way for living in the present. Makes a space for creating and attracting joyful and loving experiences to you..

Relaxing and breathing into the allowing of, and acceptance of, your feelings and patterns becomes easier and easier with each mindful choice your make to do so.  Eventually, you will create a new habit of allowing.

The new habit of allowing acknowledgement of underlying feelings and patterns  can lead to  acceptance of them.  This creates the opening for change and transformation.  When we allow and accept our feelings, we can release them, and then allow space for connection to our Self and so, to Source.  This allows change for your core vibration of love and light to shine forth.  You will attract experiences of a higher vibration to you.

As you open and allow without judgement, acceptance of yourself grows.  You become conscious of where you are blocked and what thoughts keep you from realizing your full potential and keep you from loving yourself, and therefore, others.  Consciously discovering your feelings and patterns, you have the choice and power to deliberately put forth effort to direct them towards vibrationally higher emotions and thoughts.

For when you understand that you have the power to create better feelings and patterns increasing your happiness, you experience and attract higher vibrationally charged experiences to you.  You recognize that you are able to consciously find relief, no matter how slight it is at first.  You slowly raise your vibration as you gain control over your own experience, and are on your way to the experiences you wish to have.  You allow for transformation in how you experience yourself and what you believe.

Allowing is the key to connecting with Source and your Highest Self.  These connections allow you to be in vibrational harmony with the universe itself.  Source and the universe always are organizing for your highest good.  Organizing for you to experience being the creator of a life of joy, love and peace in response to the vibrations that emanate as a result of your emotions and thoughts.  All you need to do is allow the receiving of the guidance to achieve your highest good.


Miche Lame’ MALLP



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