The American Medicinal Marijuana Association (AMMA): Keeping the Dispensing of Medicinal Marijuana Safe and Secure for Patients


The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has been ongoing for thousands and thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese used it for religious purposes and to alleviate various ailments or illnesses, and to this day, people can still buy weed online canada to treat various medical conditions. One could also make an argument that people who use it recreationally are also unconsciously using it in a medicinal way – like someone who would want to take a valium (a drug that would be prescribed by a physician) – to calm themselves down. Many attempts over the years have been made to have marijuana (also known as “Cannabis Sativa”) legalized for recreational use. But, that has not come to pass. Businesses have formed for the production of marijuana, delivering to medical centers that deal with prescriptions in this area, making sure that they are following governmental regulations such as compliant cannabis waste management, and thorough checking of records, etc. Altogether, this has helped those who are medically reliant on this substance for a myriad of issues, just not for those to use recreationally yet.

However, in 2008, the passing of the State of Michigan Medical Marijuana Act has made it possible for physicians to make a recommendation to the State for a patient, with certain approved health conditions, to have a license to use medical marijuana via any consumption method they choose. This could be traditionally smoking a marijuana joint, or even using something like a Storz & Bickel vaporizer or similar models to vaporize their medicine, instead of combusting the contents. While this has been a blessing to those who find their suffering from things like glaucoma or chemotherapy eased through the use of marijuana – having it readily available in a safe, convenient manner has posed some legal challenges. Strict rules and regulations for growing, storing and/or using medical marijuana is to be done in an enclosed locked facility. This has led many patients and caregivers to go into the streets to obtain and sell medical marijuana which places them directly in harm’s way. The American Medicinal Marijuana Association (AMMA) has been working very hard to keep the distribution of Marihuana safe and secure through the recommendation that medical marijuana be dispensed and/or distributed in zoned medical facilities. It is also essential to note that the caregivers and farmers should have a proper outlet for their overages. In the last 16 years, in 16 medical marijuana States, the number of street crimes involving patients and caregivers has increased exponentially. For caregivers to be successful as consistent farmers, they must have a proper environment to be profitable rather than ending up on the streets illegally to recoup their large investments.

According to J. Van Dyke of the AMMA, the AMMA advocates the “Medical Marijuana distribution to certified patients through a licensed caregiver network in a professional, by appointment only, medical office.” In this way, according to Van Dyke, marijuana can be kept “off the streets” and “away from Non-licensed users.” Without having a medical facility specializing in the safe and secure dispensing of this medication, this has led to people getting robbed, mugged, or hit up by unscrupulous individuals to sell in the streets where anything can happen to them. When the victims contact the police, the police and the victims put themselves in harm’s way, again, while, according to Van Dyke “attempting to apprehend the perpetrators of an illegal illicit act.”

To stop this madness, the AMMA, believes that the acquisition of this medication for a patient should be treated like any other medical prescription – through safe and proper medical facilities. Additionally, they would follow the procedures outlined in the HIPPA guidelines like any other medical office would that creates an environment of respect for the privacy of their patients. Marijuana businesses and any other related businesses will need to not only keep on top of their distribution but the financial side too. This will include looking into cbd banking services to safely and securely handle transactions.

Organizations like AMMA, and its affiliates provide safe medical clinics that are HIPPA Compliant, and as required by the state, a “bona-fide Doctor/Patient relationship.” They also provide a Learning Center and Orientation Program “LCOP” for Patients and Caregivers, advising them on the dos and don’ts of the Michigan Medical Marihuana program. Because of this, all members are kept safe and legal. “People who go searching for cannabis…aren’t aware of the danger they are facing,” Van Dyke says. When “they end up getting mugged or robbed… (It) gives law enforcement an issue and it’s centered on medical marijuana.”

AMMA promotes the safety and well-being for their patient/caregiver members by providing a safe, secure, discreet medical facility that is HIPPA compliant. By taking the street dealing out of the picture, and preventing the need for parking lot/trunk transfers of medical marihuana, lives can be saved and the street crime stopped. Medical marijuana is illegal to use in public and/or drive under the influence. Some of these crimes are unwittingly committed when patients need to ease their suffering and pain, and have to resort to going into the street to obtain medical marijuana.

The AMMA is about helping to save lives through the Right to Life under our American Constitution for all, We The People. We believe we should have the Right to Choose what Medication we choose to put into our body. However, we also advocate that with the Rights and Privileges of Freedom, come the Responsibilities and compliance of We The People.

The AMMA wants all of their members to be SAFE and LEGAL…TODAY!!!


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