Mindful Affirmations


by Ed Trainor

Affirmations are statements of fact. Our being (body, mind, spirit) believes the “facts” we tell ourselves. Unfortunately, sometimes, a little voice in our mind discounts the positive affirmations we are saying. It says, “Oh, sure. That’s not true.” We have to override or distract that small voice. We can do this with mindful affirmations.

First, we choose our affirmation. One I like, which gives a lot of bang for our buck, is “I am loved.” That is a fact. You are showing love for yourself by taking the time to do affirmations. It doesn’t matter if others love you or not. That can change from day to day. Next is a four-step process: (1) Say it out loud. (2) Whisper it. (3) Mouth the words soundlessly. (4) Say it inside your mind. Then, repeat the process. 

This process makes you think about what you are doing and can silence that negative small voice within. The more time you spend, the better you’ll feel.

Ed Trainor

Ed is an avid reader of the Guide; you can
reach him at mred48126@yahoo.com


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