Amma “The Hugging Saint” comes to Michigan


On behalf of the Amma Center of Michigan, You are invited to meet Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, better known as Amma, during her upcoming, auspicious visit to Detroit. Thousands of Detroiters, people across Michigan, the U.S and Canada (even Europe) will make a special trip to receive Amma’s darshan (holy embrace and blessing) and partake in the divine atmosphere she brings. Free programs are offered (see details in flyer).

Meeting Amma is a most extraordinary, undefinable experience. She is a remarkable being and is often considered the greatest living yogi on the planet today.

Receiving Amma’s blessing can be quite a transformative experience. Each person receiving that which is most needed for their spiritual journey. It is a rare opportunity to meet a living master. Amma is a true healing balm for these times.

Amma has now hugged over 35 million people worldwide, including Presidents of nations, to the most humble among us. Her humanitarian work throughout the globe (see and is also quite remarkable. A champion of selflessness and true compassion, Amma calls her religion love, she embodies yogic principles in all of her actions. Giving of herself so freely, she imparts deep wisdom into each one of us, people of every background, spiritual tradition, and walk of life. Amma’s loving mother energy is palpable.

Hope you will join us. All are welcome. More information available on; Facebook:Ammamich;


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