Preparing for 2019


Each year has a cycle of purpose that a soul has contracted to fulfill. These contracts, prepared by our Higher Selves prior to incarnating, include gifts, opportunities, and challenges.

As we approach each new year, there is an opportunity to review the gifts and challenges of the year just finishing. We can recognize what we have accomplished and celebrated that. Then we can ask for guidance about how to complete any remaining contracts before the next set comes on board.

This is easier than you think. First, how often do we give ourselves credit for and celebrate all we have accomplished? If done without judgment but truly focusing with a generous attitude, we find that a year holds so many accomplishments. Some are so common we take them for granted:

· times I was forgiving and kind instead of judgmental to myself or others

· times I stood up for and had faith in myself

· times I didn’t say something that would have created conflict but no benefit

· times I helped someone

· times I chose not to help because it wasn’t right – but instead did what was truly right for me

· emotional processing that released the past so I can move forward to new experiences

· self-care and spiritual work that I invested in for myself

· choosing what is good for me and leaving behind what is unhealthy

· daily things that I did to my best ability – kids, work, relationships, finances, diet, exercise etc.

When meditating on what contracts are yet to be completed, be aware that sometimes completion of contracts can be fairly simple to do. It may involve recognizing the lesson or gift in a challenging circumstance and then giving thanks for that. It may be a small attitude shift which allows you to get out of an old rut and respond to life in an empowered way. It may be something you do in your heart, such as forgiving yourself or someone else; accepting the gifts and letting go of sorrow and pain because the gifts are worth the suffering. If your contracts require diet and exercise here is a hint — do them out of self-commitment and self-love rather than self-judgment and they will succeed. So simple!

Many contracts extend through multiple years, and some through most of a lifetime, so if something doesn’t resolve this year, that may well be the case. While we would like uncomfortable challenges to finish immediately, where the contracts are long we just have to recognize that there are probably much greater gifts yet to come from them. Meditate to understand the gifts that are being gained through the process of living through these contracts and the work yet to accomplish. We can surrender our judgments and fears and welcome the support of our Higher Self to find strength, courage, and clarity to move through the future opportunities these contracts bring us.

Most people think of their challenges as coming from others or outside influences. However, the truth is much more personal than that. Others are drawn into our life by the soul contracts we enter this life with. While it may seem unkind of our Higher Selves to give us some of our contractual experiences, once we complete the contracts we can let go and heal from the hardship they brought. Then we can realize how generous our Higher Selves are, believing in us and giving us the opportunity to uncover our vast potential through the challenges we face in life.

Doing this end of year review is like taking a cleansing shower, washing away the debris from a year of growth, being refreshed and ready to experience the gifts the coming year brings. Anytime in December will be best for this meditation, though it would make a lovely New Year’s Eve ritual. The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve gives many people time to make this change-of-year transition thoughtful and even beautiful. Candles or a fire can help you focus and create comfort for your process. Or, just a private place filled with loving self-regard – something we all deserve. Add some prayers for the coming year; opening to guidance, support, and love for fulfilling next year’s opportunities with love, wisdom, and satisfaction.

Life is purposeful; each day brings opportunities that our Higher Self has contracted for our growth. Working deliberately with our soul contracts in this way helps us root deeply into our lives and find satisfaction in our circumstances instead of judging them and ourselves. Judgment comes from fear of being wrong or failing. Use this meditation to discover that you are really on track and let the universe support you in recognizing that, and loving yourself and your life more in 2019!


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