Animal Magic


By Laura Moody

It’s 5:00 am, and I hear a bark. 

My eyes don’t want to open, “not now,” I think. “Just a few more minutes of deep sleep .”And then another bark. It’s Mandy, my new puppy, excited about starting her day! 

The world of animals can teach us so many things! In the book “Animal Speak” Ted Andrews shares how animals help us learn about our own lives and teach us about Spirit and Nature. Many cultures believe we have “animal guides or “animal totems” that lead and direct us on a spiritual level. Many believe that crows call them to awaken, and hawks watch over them when they travel. Whatever your animal experience has been, mine has been profound.  

At an early age, I received unconditional love from “Pixie .”Pixie was a stray cat that would sit by me for hours and purr. At this early age, I sensed an ability to communicate with animals. I felt a connection, freedom, love, and joy all at once. I was inducted into the “animal world .”As I started to develop my psychic abilities, I would receive my messages in the form of an animal. They would “speak” or symbolize what I was supposed to learn at that moment in my life. 

It wasn’t only domestic animals; sometimes squirrels, rats, and even ants spoke to me.  

Here are just a few of the animal messages that one can receive.

Cat: Focus on Independence

Deer: Be gentle with yourself and others.

Dog: Reflect on faithfulness and companionship.

Dolphin: Take time for the outside and breathe, play and explore.

Moose: When moose comes into your life, it is time to be open to exploring new things within your world.

Owl: It’s time to be silent and observe.

Swans: Take time to explore the beauty of this world

Rat: It is time to become more adaptable to your environment.

Wolf: It’s time to find a new path or new journey.

As we enjoy nature this summer, take time to listen and receive from the animal world. Receive the “animal magic” in your life. Be open to your spirit animal and find the animal medicine your animal wants to bring to you. Learn to hear what nature has to say to you. Experience it firsthand by taking walks and being outdoors. Pay attention to the sounds, the calls, and the chatter. Please pay attention to what stands out and what it feels like. Allow yourself time to be “present .”Let your animal totems speak to you.  

I encourage you to come to my class on Animal Totems at the Rock Your World Crystal Store in Laurel Park Place Mall in Livonia on Thursday, July 14th @ 7 pm. In this class, we will learn how to connect to our animal totem through a guided meditation. This class will help you open your third eye to the “animal magic” there for you. You can register for this event on Eventbrite or our facebook page Rockyourworld, LLC.

Laura Moody is a psychic medium, pet and animal communicator, and owner of Rock Your World Crystal Store and Rock Your World Events. For more on Laura, go to:


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