How to do a psychic reading using a Pendulum


By Wendy Powers Nugent

Psychics often find it hard to read themselves because they get their hopes, wishes, and dreams involved. It’s very hard to stay unbiased; this is also true when they read a close loved one as well. Using the pendulum helps keep me connected to the truth of what is before me. At times you want a certain answer so badly you may influence the swing of the pendulum; if you find that the answers are inconsistent, put your pendulum away for a while and reapproach only after you are cleared of your anxiety and be open to whatever the pendulum will show you. I always ask test questions before getting to what I am seeking. Remember to ask the questions in such a way as only to receive a Yes or No answer; otherwise, it will be confusing and stop the reading. If the pendulum is not moving or taking a long time to start swinging, you need to ask at another time. Clear your mind with meditation, and I also like to say to my higher self before I start; Please only let true and accurate information come through, with no hopes, wishes, dreams, or opinions of my own to interfere. May God and the highest spiritual beings be present and help guide my reading.   

If you are not aware of how psychic you may be or have never trained yourself to listen to your higher self, you can still seek answers using the pendulum. The pendulum acts like a radio transmitter working with your magnetic energy field and connecting with the high spirits and angels that guide you. The pendulum will swing either north or south and sometimes in circles to give you the answers you seek. You must keep in mind that you need to ask clear questions that can be answered by a simple Yes or No. If you confuse the energy with a complicated question, you will either receive a no answer, or the crystal will not move, or it will go in circles, indicating you need to rephrase the question.   

Because the pendulum works with your energy, the polarity can change from time to time. This is normal for the fluctuation of your auric field. Always ask a test question before you start or ask the pendulum to show you the swing of the crystal that will indicate your true and accurate “yes” answer, and also ask again for the swing of the crystal for your true and accurate “no” answer.  

If you find that you are not getting the pendulum to swing, put the crystal into dry sea salt. Your polarity may be going through a change, or you may be anxious and filling your thoughts with too much information, overwhelming the energy with your anxiety which can lead to your controlling the swing subconsciously and will get a false reading. 

Sometimes I change pendulums and finally get the energy working with my auric field. What type of pendulum should you use? There are many types; I prefer a crystal much like the one in the picture at the beginning of this article. There are different types of crystals and stones that you may be drawn to for your readings. It is best to seek out a pendulum that you feel the psychic energy from.      

I prefer a particular type of crystal stone pendulum. They are made from high-quality crushed chip stones wrapped with resin and have copper wire inside. Quartz crystals can reduce people’s negative energy; however, it must be a personal choice as you will be drawn to the energy of the pendulum, either a stone or crystal. Some people like to use wood; I don’t prefer it as wood cannot amplify the energy as a crystal or stone can. Crystals differ widely and have many functions in their interaction with the energy field. 

You can also use the pendulum for healing and repairing the aura field. Sometimes with Chakra healing, the pendulum can pinpoint the problem within the body or the emotional field by placing healing crystals on the Chakra that is affected. This is a much more complicated lesson and is difficult to explain in depth in such a short article. May I suggest a good book for beginners: “Chakra Healing by Margarita Alcantara” You can find it on Amazon.     

From this book, you will learn that you can heal with crystals, restore spiritual protection, and chakra balancing. When meditating before my readings, I hold my rose crystal while opening up my top Chakra to God and the highest spiritual beings, asking for the white light to protect my client and me that I’m about to merge with their energy for the reading; this is to assure I am channeling in positive energy.  


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