Are you a Leader?


Are you a Leader?

As a Native American… our belief is that leaders are not created, they are born. The “Great Spirit” is the only one who can create a Leader and he sends them to us in times of great need and in times of great transition. The saying “You can’t mold clay out of mud!”is a reminder that not all warriors are Chiefs and there is no shame in being a follower or a leader, shame can only come upon you when you are not being true to your own “Innate Nature”.

It’s easy to know who the leaders are, they have been that way since birth, you can see the future leaders on our playgrounds today….. Unfortunately in today society, many leaders will not be supported and challenged enough to hone their gifts of leadership. Our society is looking in the wrong place for its leaders. Our school system often punishes the leaders, those that do not readily fall in line and it praises the followers, the easy co-operative child all the way up to the point of their own inability, the follows do well in school and get promoted to leadership roles… yet because they are not true leaders, when they reach the top of any field and there is no one left to follow, the often fail.

It’s true, “You cannot make clay out of mud, or leaders out of followers” but today you can wipe away the layers of expectations of who you are or should be and see your own true nature. Are you a leader or a supporter? When you figure that out and value both the leaders and followers equally, you can begin on your soul path to be the great supporter or the great leader you are meant to be. Both Leaders and Followers who are in the right role, use every opportunity available to help humanity make the world a better place.


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