My favorite time of change is right now, when the snow is melting and the birds are beginning to sing for their mates and the rich earthy smells return to call me out into the early spring weather.

I wish that all change were as comfortable as this. The change from fall to winter may not be as welcome to everyone, but it is OK, because we know what lies ahead and that it is merely a transition to another beautiful season. There must have been a time though, when a person experienced winter and didn’t know what was happening. They might have thought the world was dying. Or, imagine if you or someone you loved became pregnant and you’d never seen pregnancy before. All the common symptoms of pregnancy that we understand would be frightening seen from that perspective. If you didn’t know what was happening you might think they were dying when they became nauseous and their body swelled and then there was kicking inside and cramping and liquids spewing….it would be scary!

Our whole world is undergoing a birth right now, not just the season, but our societies and the planet itself. We are all letting go of the old and birthing the new and many things appear uncertain and unknown. Many people see this period as a death and there have been dire predictions made by mystics across time. I suppose with all change there is a type of death and it may be hard to trust that something beautiful will come of it. But just as winter leads to spring and pregnancy leads to new life, what is happening now on the planet will take us to a wonderful place. It will be the perfect place for our next phase of evolution as people and as a planet.

I read Audubon Magazine, always a pleasure. One of the things that scientists seem to be discovering as they look closely at the earth and the changes going on with global warming is that human technology and overpopulation is just part of a much bigger cycle of change. There are even more significant energies released organically on the planet which facilitate global warming. To me what seems to be emerging is a realization that this change is inevitable, one that was destined before humans arrived on the scene and of which we are an instrumental part, but not truly the cause. It is a fact that overall people have been irresponsible on our planet. I think that people are feeling guilty about that and if guilt instigates better behavior, well, then the change is for the good. However, what if we change out of love instead of guilt? Love for ourselves, our world and the life that we share here. Love for change, even though it is not easy to change. Change is our friend.

The changes we are experiencing in the outer world have increasingly inspired and instigated changes within our individual selves. In the past we have given our energy, personal authority, power, and gifts away to the authority of employers, religions, and relationships to a degree which compromised our wholeness and integrity. We did this in order to find security and because we didn’t really know who we were in a deeper sense. However, in recent years we have been growing stronger and more committed to our self-awareness. We are becoming more intuitive, we have learned to listen for guidance and to seek truth within. And even that process is changing. As we become more and more intuitive and telepathic, we become aware that not every voice we hear is true and working for our highest good. We learned to listen to our feelings, but now we are realizing that not every feeling we have is our higher consciousness. So we have to delve deeper and deeper into a state of inner clarity to find that place within where we just know the truth for ourselves. Deep within us we discover a core of divine wisdom and truth that is so deep, we don’t know how we know it, we just do.

This change is the most important one for us. And if to realize its potential we have to let go of relying on outer sources for our security, inspiration and wisdom, then how good it is that those outer sources have become unreliable! We are learning that in order to discern what is true from what is not quite true we have to follow our gut, our deepest heart and to keep our eyes open for that which is misleading. This can make us feel mistrustful; however the process is refining our skills. We are gaining the ability to access our inner wisdom and to discern the truth within. That is an exceptional gift because it leads us to the realization of God within our self. That is who you are and it is that which is being birthed at this time. What an exciting change!

As we build our unity with God within us, we will be able to birth beauty and truth in the world around us.

Let yourself grieve that passing of the old way of things but also embrace the birthing of your truth and learn to trust that. Just as you’ve learned to trust that spring will come and that pregnancy ends in a lovely gift, you will realize your true potential, it is inevitable. The rest of the world will also grow and manifest its true beauty and potential, given time. These are birthing pains, not death throws. We are eternal, safe and unbreakable and so is the planet. The body of the planet is undergoing a huge transformation and during this process many life forms will seem to die. But their spirits and souls are eternal, safe and unbreakable. They will return again in new bodies to realize a higher level of consciousness and truth. All is well.

Eve Wilson


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