Are You Getting All You Want Out of Life?


Many years ago, in a course on stress reduction, the professor taught a method of visualization which he called, “a movie in reverse.” The idea was to choose a goal, and then work toward it in reverse. In other words, first you identify what you want to achieve, then you work backwards, looking at the steps you took to attain your goal. My goal was to get an “A” in the class. First I saw the A on the final transcript. I then saw myself getting an A on the final exam. I saw myself doing the work I needed to do to get the A. I did the same for the term paper and then for the mid-term exam. I did wind up getting the A, but I was surprised by how much work I had to put into the project (this was not an easy class).

In looking back at this experience, I realized there were a couple of key points. First, I had to have faith that the method would work. Second, I had to be willing to do the work required to attain the goal. Often there is a third component which involves stepping out of your comfort zone or taking some risks.

Another way to achieve your goals is to see yourself having the thing you want before you have it. It is the idea that, “You’ll see it when you believe it,” as Wayne Dyer puts it. In addition to seeing yourself with the goal you desire, you also experience the joyful emotions of having attained the goal. It is also helpful to have gratitude in advance for the attainment of your goal. It is essential to believe this will occur and to eliminate any doubts about fulfilling your goal. This may not be as easy as it seems, because when you look at your present situation the achievement of your goal may seem daunting and cause real doubts. However, both of these methods do work.

So, why are you not taking advantage of at least one of these effective methods? If you truly believed you would be successful, you would no doubt be willing to do the required work to get what you want. Unfortunately, many of us are not convinced it will work for us. The problem is that we have received so many negative messages when growing up, we feel neither deserving, nor capable, of achieving the kind of life we truly desire.

The first six or seven years of our life, we absorb almost everything we are told. Unfortunately, many of the messages we receive are harmful and unhealthy. After hearing them a number of times, the messages enter our subconscious mind and remain there even when we are adults. The subconscious, believing we are incompetent or unworthy of the good life, will find ways to sabotage any efforts we make to succeed. When we have negative beliefs in our subconscious mind, undesirable consequences will result, and we will not accomplish the goals we desire for ourselves.

So what is the solution? We must become aware of our negative subconscious beliefs and root them out, eliminate them, and replace them with much healthier messages. This will allow us to accomplish our desired goals and have the kind of life we truly desire and deserve. We can all make the changes needed to greatly improve our lives. However, we often need some outside help to achieve this.

One excellent way to change the negative programming in our subconscious mind is with the use of hypnosis. Since we were basically hypnotized the first six or seven years of our life, what better way to change the destructive thinking than through hypnosis.

If your life is not bringing you all that you desire, why not take advantage of hypnosis? It is safe, it doesn’t require a great deal of time, and the results can truly change your life. If you would like to find out more about this or would like to experience a hypnotic session, please call Phil Rosenbaum at: 248-688-6469. You are entitled to a happy life.


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