2020 Vision


As we enter the year 2020, I have a vision I would like your help fulfilling!

I see the coming year as a gift, and all its challenges and blessings as opportunities for healing. I propose we do some pro-active healing to smooth our journey for the year to come! Like to join me? Let’s do it!

Step 1: An open-heart bridges the creature world with the divine

· It is both the bridge to unity and the transformer of negative experiences into wholeness. Since healing comes through unity with Higher Love we will need an open heart.

· To have an open heart you can begin by breathing into your body, giving yourself a big inner hug and then centering in your heart chakra in the middle of your chest and opening it to the source of Higher Love by whatever name you call that. When you have done this correctly you will feel more relaxed, centered, clear and open.

Step 2: For Higher Love to bring change in the world

· There needs to be someone present and grounded. You are that person!

· Strengthen your ground by “being a tree”: Through using your feelings and imagination, allow yourself to ground into the clear energy of our beloved Mother Earth with deep wide roots. And let the branches and leaves of your tree reach for the sun to receive Higher Love.

· There are higher vibrations and lower vibrations focused on Earth and Sun. I call them new world and old world. Ask to ground into the new world Earth and Sun if you would like to work from the clearest focus available for this healing.

Step 3: Centered deep within your open heart and grounded like a tree

· Imagine the year 2020 from January 1 to December 31.

Step 4: Staying centered in your heart and tree,

· Welcome Higher Love by whatever name you use for that to be present in each moment and circumstance of the coming year; to surround it all in love. Ask that it bring Higher Intelligence and healing to all your interactions. That it enlightens your soul, mind, and emotions and helps you live in ways that allow everything to unfold with the greatest ease and with true purpose.

· When you are done, widen the roots of your tree and release the future into the care of Higher Love. Return to the present time and place and do another inner hug, holding it until you feel focused in your body and ready for the rest of your day.

· If you did this with agendas on outcomes or with judgments of yourself or others, please try it again. This time leave them behind and allow Higher Intelligence and Love to design your reality in 2020 to be in harmony with your soul’s greatest good and true purpose.

· One of the opportunities in our evolution is to learn to partner with our Higher Selves which are One with all life. To do this we have to allow Higher Love to drive, instead of our minds and agendas. This requires trust. But who better to trust than your own Higher Self and the Higher Love that guides all things? This way, your own gifts, and talents can contribute but don’t have to direct the show.

Bringing Higher Love into the coming year in your own life creates a powerful flow of love into the world as a whole. When many do this, its influence is massive. Thank you for helping me to fulfill my vision of Higher Love in 2020!

This was a shorthand piece of the larger work that we did in my 12-12-19 Monthlies Event; which was the last of that series of 6. If you would like to work in-depth to bring healing into the world and to experience partnering with Higher Love, please join me for the next series of Monthlies! Starting 1-9-20 we will meet every 4 weeks on Thursday from 7:30 – 9:30 by teleconference and in-person in Ann Arbor. For more information and to enroll, call: 734-780-7635, or visit me at: www.spiritualhealers.com


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