Are you ready to heal your Mind, Body & Soul


by Wendy Powers Nugent

You are in control of your mental and physical healing. 

Of course, we need help from doctors, both naturopaths, and allopaths (MDs). But most importantly, we need a connection to our creator and use the power we have within us. We are not designed to live forever on the physical plane; however, we do exist eternally within a collective of energy that I call the Universal Mind. Did you realize you have the ability to connect to the Universal mind to heal yourselves? You can also tune into your past, present and future selves to change the course of your life.    

This is a quote from an unknown author: “I am not here to treat your disease. I am here to discover what is interfering with your recovery… Your current level of health is between you and your creator… What’s interfering with it is between you and me.” I found this quote in a good friend of mine’s office, Dr. David Connell; he is a psychologist who is a high spiritual soul and understands the need to line up your higher self by strengthening your connection with The Universal Mind of God. Much of what we experience with ill health in the body and the mind comes from the disconnection of our soul alignment with the Universal Power. 

You need to look at yourself and your path and decide what has broken or gone off track for your healing and happiness. Often, the problem is out of your control directly, such as grieving for a loved one, witnessing someone you love make bad decisions repeatedly who will not allow recovery to heal their situation ever that may be. Often when someone is in distress, listening is not a sense they turn on; often, we go within our darkness, leaving ourselves feeling lost and helpless—regrets, depression, loss, and hopelessness plague the human mind. Using a therapist or an intuitive spiritual counselor can help, but you need to see that healing is within your power. We have been giving these complex emotional minds to work out the karmic lessons of life. When times come that put you in a place where you no longer have the power of your health or freedom, you can venture into the power of the universe through your mind.  

I used to teach the healing of the aura, which helps clean your energy up and empower your strength to fight emotional and physical illness. I will write about this subject in another issue.   

For now, meditating and counseling can be your best way to reconnect with the Universal Power. Some people are so distressed that they are too anxious to meditate. Connecting with nature, sitting next to a body of water, listening to the wildlife, or listening to spiritual music to help you gain calm. One of my favorite ways to relax is a nice massage. A Reiki healing massage is wonderful for aligning your charkas to gain balance and strength. Once you are relaxed and more reconnected to the power within you, you are ready to gain control and start your healing. 

Did you know that we have the power to influence the world? There is energy that flows through all of the souls on Earth as a collective energy. Once you are in a balanced; mind, body, and soul, you can direct healing energy out to the world. This is best accomplished with the power of a group meditation acting as one mind, with one intention to surround the world by projecting the power of healing through the UM. It is best to connect to the collective energy force of Earth instead of focusing on one individual or a group of individuals when sending out messages; this is a more powerful way to send healing power from a group meditational prayer. You can find yourself or your group getting caught in the drift of negative thoughts, which can block your healing if you focus on one person, such as a government official or a group with intentions of negative action. You can even absorb some of the negative energy if you work in mediation with such individuals or groups. I have known people to get very ill if they don’t remove themselves from the negative energy and then cleanse their aura. One way to do this is to sit in a sea salt bath (or Epson salts); another way is to hold a cleaned crystal and draw your negative energy into the crystal until you feel balanced and refreshed. Then take the crystal and immerse it in dry sea salt until it is fully covered and leave it for at least 24 hours. Your crystal should be cleaned from all the negative energy you downloaded into it. Enjoy your renewed energy, and feel evirated by spring. 

Wendy Powers Nugent

She is a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Minister, Writer, and Certified Counselor; she has been a professional psychic for more than 45 years with Proven Accuracy!

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