Too Much of a Good Thing


By Susan deCaussin

When you face difficult situations, whether with health-related issues, relationship challenges, work problems, or the like, it elevates your overall stress level. This inevitably causes anxiety and the helplessness that comes with being overwhelmed by life. And, when your struggles become outwardly apparent, there’s no shortage of opinions from others on how to heal yourself. Well-meaning people will flood you with lists of things you should do to fix your situation. They may suggest specific foods, herbs, stress-relieving exercises, mindfulness activities, energy-healing modalities, and even pharmaceuticals. 

Unfortunately, many stressed-out people will take on many of these suggestions out of desperation to find a solution. They may feel driven to find answers and indebted to those who provided them with their input. By doing so, these folks can end up with an even higher level of anxiety as they pile more on their plate of “things to do” each day. I’m seeing this situation occurring at an alarming rate these days. 

As much as each of those helpful suggestions may assist in diffusing your anxiety, there’s such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” When you try to incorporate too many practices and changes into your day, you’re putting even more pressure on yourself. That added pressure can then end up adding even more stress to your life. I see this several times a week. My clients will provide me with a laundry list of practices they’ve taken on, with the intent of bringing about more clarity and peace, then they’ll ask me why it’s not working. 

Let’s be real. This is a most transformational time for humanity. Things are shifting in ways that are downright uncomfortable at times. We must remind ourselves of this and not feel guilty about being a little overwhelmed from time to time. When adopting practices that will encourage balance, grounding, and peace, be cautious not to do too much at once. Thank your friends and family for their guidance, then listen to your intuition. 

In the end, the most effective way to reacquaint yourself with peace is through silence. In the same way that your cell phone and computer need to be powered down from time to time to allow the excess energy to drain away, so do you! If you sit for a few minutes in silence and find your mind racing, it’s time to power down. If you can’t experience space between your thoughts, it’s time to power down. If you continuously backfill every waking moment with mental or physical activity, you need to power down.

There is no substitute for silence each and every day. It’s only in the moments when you create space between your thoughts that true peace, comfort, and guidance can be experienced. If you need assistance, please reach out. Using Hypnotherapy, I can help you power yourself down, reset your body’s stress level, and regain control of your life. 

Susan deCaussin CHt

Healing Methods LLC


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, 

Siwa Murti (Balinese Healing) Practitioner/Teacher, 

Spiritual Advisor


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