Are You Taking Care of Your Immune System?


Are You Taking Care of Your Immune System?
By Phil Rosenbaum

Many doctors and scientists tell us that one critical element to staying healthy or overcoming illnesses, including the Coronavirus, is to have a healthy immune system. You can do much to strengthen your immune system, and there is no better time than now to begin. However, there is a worry that an illness can progress into a critical area, causing long term issues. This can and will affect life insurance, which will be changed to critical illness insurance if covered. Those who are affected can get a quote for critical illness insurance from Breeze and see if they are eligible for this. You can do everything in your power to make sure you are okay and your immune system is functioning, but if there is an underlying issue, the next steps after it are important too.

Obviously, following the recommendations given, such as distancing yourself, wearing a mask, and thoroughly washing your hands, is a wise course of action. But there are additional recommendations that scientists and doctors suggest.

Four key areas that are frequently mentioned include diet, exercise, stress reduction, and beliefs. In terms of diet, being overweight, and even worse being obese, is a definite risk factor for becoming ill. If you are overweight, don’t wait until “tomorrow” to begin a weight loss program. “Tomorrow” never comes. Perhaps even more detrimental to your immune system is smoking. If you are smoking or vaping, take whatever steps you can to stop now.

Exercise is also considered extremely important for your health and your immune system. Even though the gyms are now closed, there is still much you can do. You can walk, ride a bike, jump rope, lift weights, do pushups, etc. If you have a dog, take them out more often, go for long walks, or even jog. And there are lots of exercise videos you can watch. One of the worst things you can do is sit in front of the television all day and watch the news. Not only are you not moving, but it is likely that all that news is causing a great deal of stress. And when you are highly stressed, your body produces cortisol, damaging your immune system. When your immune system is compromised, your body does not have the resources to deal with other health problems such as stomach ailments, heart problems, lung diseases, viruses, etc.

Another important step is to eliminate unnecessary worry. Take sensible precautions, but realize that even if people contract the virus, the majority of the population will survive. In countries where a lot of people were tested, it was found that many people who had the virus did not even know they had it. They did not show any of the symptoms. Keep in mind that undo anxiety only makes matters worse.

Another problem with watching too much news is one can experience the “nocebo” effect. This is the opposite of the placebo effect. You are convinced you have the disease even though there is physically nothing wrong with you. You can make yourself sick by believing you have the illness. It is essential that you stay calm and stop scaring yourself. Be conscious of what you are telling yourself. Your beliefs are very important. If you worry incessantly about something, you are likely to bring it about.

Another critical factor in dealing with a crisis like this involves your subconscious beliefs. As has been mentioned by many experts, including Bruce Lipton, noted scientist and researcher, 95% of the time, it is our subconscious beliefs that affect how we think and feel. What is worse, we are not even aware of these beliefs. They may be causing us a great deal of anxiety. We need to find out what these unhealthy beliefs are and where they came from, so we can eliminate them and rid ourselves of their stress.

Hypnosis can be very helpful in almost all of the areas mentioned above. It can help you stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, and, perhaps even more important, find out what your subconscious beliefs are telling you. Again, the key is to strengthen your immune system. Hypnosis can be enormously effective in achieving this goal.

If you would like to find out more about hypnosis, please call Phil Rosenbaum at 248-688-6469. With many of the new apps available, it is no longer necessary to come into the office; you can experience hypnosis from your home’s comfort and safety. Love yourself enough to take care of your immune system.


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