Ascension – Peace at the Core


There is peace at the core of chaos.  Where you see the world struggling during this time of great change, where it seems as though everything might be falling apart; the good news is that it is under reconstruction.  The process is called ascension and at the core of all the change is emerging a new world that is permeated with God Consciousness and a deeper unity than we have known.
It is true that the world as we know it is crumbling around us.  This is happening physically on the planet, socially, financially and politically in the human world and within our own bodies and souls.  The force which is instigating this change is the power of love and truth at the core of all of life.  The time has come for the birthing of that love and truth. As it emerges, the old world energies begin to disintegrate, making room for the new experience.
As humans living during this transition we need to let go of that which is passing away and orient toward the peaceful core of truth which is being born within yo urself and within all of life, otherwise it can be a painful and fearful time.  I can perceive this new world which is emerging with my spiritual senses.  I don’t see all the forms yet, but I feel its sweet, clear loving energy growing stronger as time goes by.  My intuitive perception tells me that most of the big changes will be finished in about 15 years and things will be really good by then.   By 20 years from now things will be amazingly new and good.   In the intervening years we will experience the death and rebirth process required to instigate these changes which have been already in process for some time.  These changes are about 70% gentler than most predictions have foreseen due to active participation by so many people in raising God Consciousness on earth.  Focus on the rebirth that is happening to enjoy these changes and find peace at the core of the chaos they bring.
Think of it as a planet wide remodeling project!  If you’ve ever been in a building under reconstruction, you may not like the process because it is messy and inconvenient, however you can be excited about the fresh new environment you will get to inhabit when it is done.
I think it is pretty obvious to everyone that we couldn’t continue going the same old direction forever in our world; we have worn out the planet, and used up resources and struggled with social injustice and war for long enough.  The good news is that the earth, while it seems to be worn out and used up, is really just being reborn from within.  While it goes through this rebirth, it is no longer supporting us to live in the old way, but requiring us to also be reborn in order to thrive here on earth.
The changes wecan effectively make in our lives will become evident from the core of peace and the newly awakened truth within us.  Trying to do the same things in the same way as we have in the past won’t work.  We will have to realize a whole different way of seeing ourselves and our world and this new realization is being born within us in a completely organic fashion.  Using our old world minds we can only see things from the old world perspective and it is hard to conceive that we will find our way through the impasses we face within our world.  As our new world hearts and minds emerge they are attuned to the presence of God within us and within all of life.  That presence brings the wisdom and knowledge required to learn to live in the new world that is being born.  We will know what to do when the time comes to do it.
Within you a new world self is already emerging.  Your first awareness of this may be a greater intuitive sense and the ability to know what others are feeling and thinking; this is the beginning of telepathy.  You are probably already experiencing this.  Other things you may notice are physical problems which show up and appear to be very serious, but which can’t be properly diagnosed and which pass away of their own over time.

These are the stuck places in your body and soul where you are not yet able to receive the love and truth that is growing within you.  Pay attention to the emotional and mental memories and reactions that arise which will show what need to resolve so your body can let go of the old world experience.  Get help with this if you feel it is not resolving.   You may feel sometimes that you are very tired and are aging rapidly and then suddenly you look years younger and feel way better than before.  This is the death and rebirth process within your body and soul.  Gradually things that have bothered you all your life or even for lifetimes will come up to be dealt with and you will be able to release them more easily than in the past if you allow yourself to.  You’ll find a foundational sense of peace emerging from within your being that supports you in feeling confident enough to forgive, trust and let go of the old stuff.
Invest yourself in whatever it takes to stay centered and oriented toward your inner peace and truth.  If you center on the outer world, you will get swept up inthe chaos and confusion of the time.  Investing everything you have into that which is passing away is not a good investment.  Within you is a core of peace and truth; build on that and watch it grow.  That is a good investment!



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