Seven Principles of Spiritual Alignment based on Huna


Creating a foundation of spiritual alignment in our lives allows us to live a happier life. Listed below are seven principles based on Hawaiian teachings that I have adopted and use to reflect on how my life is working, and if it’s not working well, why not? I learned these principles during my studies in Hawaii and now fit them into my everyday life. They help me make good decisions and assist me in all my earthly tasks, both business and personal.  This is my interpretation of these principles.
1)     IKE –  Ike is trusting our intuition. It’s our guardian in life, sight beyond sight. When you have that gut feeling that it’s not right to do something, then don’t. When you’re confronted with a decision and have questions about what to do, walk away, think about it.  If someone pressures you into joining or buying something and you’re not ready, trust that and tell them you will take some time to think about it.  You don’t have to do anything “right that minute or the opportunity won’t be there.” Some opportunities sound really good, but are they good for you, does it really fit with your life?  Trust your initial feelings and take some time to think it over. My teacher used to tell me, “Charlotte, you can do anything, but should you? What is the cost, spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially?”
2)     MAKIA –  Energy goes where attention goes–put all your energy into achieving what you want out of this life. Be focused, clear and specific about what you really want.  Focus your attention on what your vision is for yourself and don’t let any obstacles stand in your way. Play with the energy. Stay aware of what your thoughts are and if they become negative, correct them right away. Life can bring many distractions so be aware of them but stay focused on what your heart desires and it will come into fruition.
3 ) MANAWA – The ability to shift when something is not working is a key to practicing Manawa. Life brings us challenges all the time and to be able to shift your feelings instantly into a different place is a great attribute to have. It allows you to move from a negative space to a joyful space very quickly.  Too often we work in a job we don’t want, or stay in a relationship that is not healthy for us. Minawa means to shift out of that experience and as soon as we do that, a better opportunity will come along. Don’t stay stuck.  Knowing that we create everything that happens in our life allows us to uncreate it as well.
4) ALOHA –  To love is to be happy.  The LAW is LOVE. That means to love ourselves first, take care of us first, and then love the rest of the world with an unconditional, no- judgment love. Love is the purest form of energy in the Universe. We can love anyone.  We don’t have to live with them or associate with them, but we can love them as one human being to another..
5) MANA – All power comes from within—know the garden is yours. It is your birthright. We all have the same energy given to us in any form we need it. It is not just for a chosen few. We just have to truly believe we are worthy to receive it.  All we have to do is be responsible with it as we share whatever form the Mana comes to us–whether it be money, healing energy, creativeness, etc.
6) PONO –   This is making it right in the world. Whatever wrong doing we did, or whatever mistakes we made, we have the opportunity to make it right. Give a donation, play it forward, believe in a cause, help those who are in need.
7) KALA – There are no limits when there is forgiveness–first for ourselves and whatever wrong we did to us, secondly forgiving anyone else that may have hurt us. Kala goes beyond forgiving.  It means forgiving but letting it go, never to be thought of again. There are no limits in this universe if we fully understand and believe this. It is the most freeing thing we can do for ourselves.

Charlotte Irwin


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